Let’s face it, not everyone has a house that’s big enough to hold a birthday party, and outside isn’t always an option either.  For those moms who want to throw their own party but not at home, here are some facilities the moms recommend you consider:


Singleton Community Center
in Bartlett rents rooms.

White Station Church of Christ in East Memphis has a Community Center, you could contact them about using their gym

Shelby Farms — there are rooms at the Visitor’s Center by the lake

Lichterman Nature Center

St John’s Episcopal on Central rents their gym.

Second Baptist Church at Perkins/walnut grove does that sort of thing. 

Central Church Collierville -in the past you had to have a member sign the form

Heartsong Church on Houston Levee has a room you can rent. It’s called the theater but it’s more like a gym.

The YMCA offers their gyms and aerobic studios for rent.

Garibaldi’s near U of M has a party room that you can reserve as long as you purchase pizza!