Birthdays are special.  I’m a firm believer in celebrating them, even if it’s just a simply party at home – as long as there are candles to blow out it’s a birthday party!  And don’t just celebrate the kid birthdays, show them that everyone gets a special day! Looking to go out to dinner someplace where they will make an embarrassingly big deal out of it?  Try this list.

A mom was looking for suggestions on where to hold a 40th birthday party for 25-40 guests. Dinner plus a lounge/bar/music atmosphere.  Here are the spots the moms recommended:


Itta Beena downtown has a good room off to the side

East Tapas and Drinks! Awesome contemporary environment and amazing food/drinks! It’s at park and ridgeway

Molly Fontaines

Memphis Catholic High Class of 90 had their class reunion at Dan McGuinness over by Target! Terrific venue.

Pearls Oyster House downtown. My surprise 30th was there and it was great!

Ditto on Pearl’s Oyster House … We did my husband’s 40th birthday in their basement. Able to decorate, they had a bartender, we ordered all the food and hired a DJ. Was a great private party room!

Paulette’s or Tower Center

Ciao Bella. All separate from restaurant and bar.


downstairs at flight has a bar/lounge area! I had my rehearsal dinner there and it was great!

Blues city cafe has the band box available for parties that large n live music

Had my husbands 30th at Silky’s. it was great.

Basement of Brass Door

Alchemy in midtown

Old Venice pizza has a private dining room that’s right next to the bar area.

Sharkey’s on Poplar, Owen Brennan’s on Poplar-both might have a side room you could use, I know Square Beans Coffee on the Square in Collierville does private events- –they hosted a lovely party for us- Fleming’s Steakhouse on Poplar, Interim