The Lipman School (at Univ. of Memphis)

East Memphis, Midtown
age 1, age 2, age 3, age 4, age 5, K
5 days
Work Hours, Full School Day
After School Care Available


They don’t give preferential treatment to kids of parents that work at the university. But there is a long waiting list. So get on that list early! We waited over a year for my son to get in and my daughter didn’t make the cut that year, so we waited another year before she got in. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school. Both of my kids have gone there. It is AMAZING. Take the tour and you will see.


Everyone I know who has a child here loves it, but if you don’t work at the University, you can forget getting in. We applied a year and half in advance and did not get accepted. Fortunately, in that time I made other plans.

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