St. Francis of Assisi PDO/Preschool

age 2, age 3, age 4
1-4 days
Full School Day
Early Drop Off Available


My daughter started pre-k3 at SFA a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier! She loves the teachers & comes home with some new piece of knowledge every day. She also attends after school care several days a week, which offers additional activities like dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, art, music… can’t even remember them all! The school itself (as opposed to the PDO program) begins with pre-k3 & goes through 8th grade. I believe 2nd grade is when the Plus Program begins for students with “learning differences”. The school has been so welcoming, even my non-Catholic husband loves it.


St. Francis PDO was absolutely the perfect start for my son. He started the 4’s program and had never attended any type of school setting before. Ms. Lori and Ms. Maureen were wonderful! They took the time and worked with each child individualy to ready them for kindergarten. His now in kidergarten and was definetly ready and more advance than alot of the kids. Im a working mom and it worked perfect with my schedule, they offer early care so I would drop him off before work. He always had fun nd never complained about going to school, he still has friends he made while in the 4’s program.


I love SFA PDO/Preschool. The director Ms. Toni is wonderful. The school is small on purpose so she knows every child and parent. There are three classrooms one each for the 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s. Two teachers per classroom. A full day from 9-2:30pm. I was nervous about sending my daughter her first year after she had been home with me until the age of three, but she had a wonderful experience. The teachers are kind, have fun activities, the children seem to learn and play well with each other. They have special events with visits from a fireman, police man, and holiday fun. It’s really a perfect place if you want small, safe, fun and a great learning experience for your children.

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