Child Enrichment Center at Union Ave Baptist

babies, age 1, age 2, age 3, age 4, age 5
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The classes 6wk-12M were fabulous. The teachers were wonderful. The next class up 12M-18M was very disappointing. The teacher(s) are overwhelmed and the children are scolded and told “No”…alot. The overall condition of the entire facility is subpar. Additionally, the director has NO formal training nor holds any sort of degree. She has no idea how to promote children (some are held back 2-3 months from promotion to the next class because she cannot manage her roster. First hand experience). The snack schedule and the lunch menu were a disgrace. Fruit loops, Saltines, and cheese singles are not healthy balanced snacks. I also do not think that hamburgers, papa johns pizza, baked ham, and microwaved chicken nugget product should be considered a safe option for a child in the 12M-18M class. The children could not chew most of the meals as they were so hard. (I personally witnessed this as I was trying to get my DD to eat “their” food). I would recommend using them as a last resort.


The first four rooms (Age: 6 weeks to 1 year old)are amazing! They helped my son learn to eat solid healthy food. They taught me how to feed him less bottles at a time. He learned manners and to play in groups. Amazing! I have been less thrilled with the last few rooms (Age: 1 year old to 5 years old)but they are going through some changes right now. As a first time mom they were essential! My son is thrilled to see his teachers every day and you can tell he is truly loved at this facility, he’s not just another child.

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