Mullins United Methodist PDO


East Memphis
babies, age 1, age 2, age 3, age 4, age 5
1-4 days
Full School Day
Early Drop Off Available


My fourth child is about to start Mullins–ours have been there from 12 weeks to 5.5 years. The staff is helpful, understanding & accommodating and the teachers are wonderful. Each class gives them plenty of play, learning activities, and nap time. Great for one or two day/week when you don’t want full day/week preschool. They have also been very helpful with our late potty training son–they encouraged him but let him be in pull ups at 3.5, which really Tom the pressure off for us both.


I have two children at Mullins PDO. The staff are very attentive and actively care for the children. The programming in each class is also appropriate for the child’s age/stage.

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