This summer the Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo added over three more miles of safari drive to the park and added a cafe. There are two new sections with zebras and giraffes! The park has two areas – a zoo area you walk through and the safari area you drive through. In both areas you can purchase food to feed the animals (we got four buckets and had enough for both areas).

Safari Drive

I chew with my mouth open

The animals you feed in the drive-through area are very enthusiastic about getting something to eat. They are not afraid of cars or people, so if you opt to purchase food be prepared to have any animal tall enough quickly invade your space to get to the food!  We decided not to feed the ostrich after realizing their necks were long enough to reach through the window and across the car for food – eek!  So we’d yell – WINDOWS UP and scurry to block them off, but they came by anyways.  It was comical to see them peering into our car – like we were the exhibit and they were checking us out.

INCOMING! Shut the windows!!

INCOMING! Shut the windows!!

We kept the window by our five year old shut, as he wanted nothing to do with feeding them and just liked to watch. You can only drive five miles per hour in this area, so we all took off our seat belts. We saw people with minivans feeding animals through the sliding doors, and people in SUVs feeding them through the back window (with the door shut). We kept the sunroof shut! Do whatever works for your comfort and your vehicle. Plan on vacuuming your car when you get home – the food gets everywhere, even if you do a good job of keeping the bucket outside the car. They give you a flyer with animal info, so you can attempt to identify them as you drive around.  Some of the animals are endangered or extinct in the wild.safarizebra


The deer are a nice size for anyone to feed

The deer are a nice size for anyone to feed

The Zoo Area

After the drive-through area you can park and visit the zoo. There are monkeys, tropical birds, zebras, camels and more animal you can look at, plus goats that you can feed. There are beautiful peacocks walking around everywhere – flying too, and occasionally yelling (I’m sure that’s not the proper term for the noises they make, but you get the idea). Scroll down for more zoo photos.


You can purchase carrots to feed the giraffes


There is a play area for little kids, and a small gift shop with various toys, soda, chips, plus turtles, lizards, snakes and more. Picnic tables outside are available, plus bathrooms, and there is hand sanitizer all over the place.

This is such a fun outing and you’ll laugh a lot…just don’t go with a clean car! If you’re looking for an easy family outing that will make you laugh this is a great option. It’s about 90 minutes from East Memphis, and appropriate for school-aged kids, and younger kids who won’t get freaked out by the animals getting really close to your car.

Other Tips


  • No pets allowed
  • Cash only
  • Bring cameras
  • Wear washable clothing
  • You can drive through more than once without paying more
  • Bring snacks and water

Tennessee Safari Park
618 Conley Rd
Alamo, TN

More Drive-Through Photos

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Gift shop plus turtles, lizards, etc.




Tropical birds



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