A mom recently asked for recommendations for an otolaryngologist (aka ENT – ear, nose and throat) and a pediatric allergist.  Below are the recommendations for both kids and adults.

Life isn't fun if allergies keep you inside

Life isn’t fun if allergies keep you inside

I’d also like to chime in and suggest that parents visit a chiropractor if their child is having a problem with ear infections.  Nerves in your neck go to your ears, so if something is being pinched in there it can contribute to drainage problems causing ear infections.  I’m no expert in this matter, but I always like to check out alternatives to medicine and surgery.  If you want to consider this route here are some chiropractors the moms recommend.

Mid-South Ear Nose & Throat

  • Dr Naidu at Midsouth ENT is awesome!
  • I second Dr. Naidu- My husband has been seeing him for allergy issues for 5 years now (he has had 2 sinus surgries)- My son Nicholas had his tonsils removed when he was 4 by Dr Naidu and I have seen him as well for sinus issues (that were not clearing up after seeing the pcp for 2 mos) he cleared them up in 2 weeks- hes so cutting edge, personable, smart- just all around awesome!
  • Dr. Naidu….so impressed with him! Great with children!
  • Dr. Naidu! Fantastic with children. He had 2 young ones of his own. 
  • Dr. Naidu. Met us at Starbucks when my husband ran out of meds post-op.
  • Dr. Dean Klug great bedside manner really felt like he took his time with us and office in east Memphis.
  • Dr. Naidu just did my 22month old’s adenoids and tubes. He was awesome! Even called personally later to check on him!
  • Dr Dean Klug hands down for ENT!
  • Dr. Klug’s entire office is amazing! Dr. Klug has a great bedside manner and I always go to see Anne Moffatt for my twice yearly sinus infections. I can usually get in to see her within 24 hours of making an appointment. When my son had his tubes put in, Dr. Thomas Long did that surgery and he was equally as incredible. He is fantastic with kids (and their nervous parents).
  • Dr. Dean Klug for ENT.
  • Klug for ENT..can be hard to get in…call soon!
  • Dr. Klug! He did my 6 month olds tubes, and was great!!! His office staff, nurse staff are really nice too.
  • Dr Klug is in the same practice Mid South Ear Nose and Throat- I also have heard awesome things about him as well
  • Dr. Mark Milburn at MidSouth ENT is who I have seen. My son has seen Dr. Naidu. We really like them both.
  • Dr. John Touliatos! Amazingly professional, sweet, and dreamy!

Hanissian Allergy
Dr. Greg Hanissian!

Allergy and Asthma Specialists
Dr. Fahhoum- Allergy and Asthma Specialists. My son starting seeing him at 3 and I have seen him for years. He is excellent with children. I have seen several local allergists and I would never see anyone else. He is very thorough and works with other doctors when necessary.

Allergy and Asthma Care

  • Dr. Tammy McCulley for pediatric allergist.Dr blaiss for allergist
  • Dr. Blaiss is great! He has done wonders for my 4 year olds eczema and asthma!
  • as an adult, i see dr. mcculley and am SO thankful for her, she’s helped me through a difficult diagnosis and treatment and i am on a routine treatment and am asymptomatic. HIGHLY recommend!!!
  • My 4 year old sees McCulley and we love her! She really takes the time to listen to your concerns.
  • We took our daughter to McCully a few years ago for some tests. She was great at answering all our questions regarding the fever syndrome my daughter had.
  • Dr Duncan was my allergist forever (20 yrs+) but I recently switched to McCully bc I think Duncan is a bit old school
  • I took my little guy to see Dr Duncan and we LOVED him.

Otolaryngology Consultants
Rande Lazar, He did surgeries on both my daughter at age 2 and me at 40. Very successful!

Otolaryngology Associates of the MidSouth

  • Dr. Thomas Long for ENT! Most amazing man I’ve ever met
  • Dr. Thomas Long! He is amazing!
  • Dr. Neal beckford….very good adult ENT
  • Jan Petri, wonderful!!