Does your family all go to the same dentist, or do your kids see a pediatric dentist? Below are a bunch of recommended dentists that fit either option. Share your reviews via a comment!


Dr. B Pediatric Dentistry
6363 Poplar Ave.

  • Dr Michael Blen is the best Ped Dentist in town!
  • Dr “b” Blenn peds dentist is awesome
  • Dr Blen (dr b) is so manys fave peds dentist.
  • Dr. B is the best.

Main Street Dental
99 S. Main
Jodi Rump for adults.

McCann Pediatric Dentistry
5885 Ridgeway Center Pkwy

  • McCann is the BEST pediatric dentist in town!!!
  • Dr. Wes McCann for pediatric dentist. My kids are skiddish about new people and both were more than happy to let him clean their teeth and look around in there. He is great with putting them at ease (wiggling his ears and making funny voices for them).

Pediatric Dental Group
6611 Kirby Center Cove, Memphis
7675 Wolf River Circle Germantown

  • Dr. Fuson at Pediatric Dental Group. All are great!
  • Dr Acosta is our fav ped dentist!!!!
  • Dr. Acosta PDG Pediatric Dental Group. Friendly, Personable with child and parent. excellent communication during parent consultaton. Entire staff friendly My 2 year old’s 1st experience was pleasant. Ms Cheryl, one of the hygenist was beyond patient, gentle, nurturing and really knew how to talk and work with my 2 year old daughter.

Children’s Dental Center
1684 Poplar Avenue, Memphis
3394 S. Houston Levee, Germantown

  • It was my daughter’s first time to see a dentist and I was nervous at how she would react. I was blown away with the sweet staff! We were greeted as soon as walked in with a smile and felt welcome the whole time we were there! Honestly, we didn’t want to leave we had such a wonderful time! Thank you for making us feel so welcome!
  • My son (3) and I were both a little apprehensive prior to his 1st dental appointment, but that melted away as soon as we walked in the door. Every single person we came in contact with, was warm and wonderful. Dr. Selecman and Ashley were both incredibly patient and kind.
  • This was our first experience with Dr. Rowland and it was quite remarkable. He was kind and managed a tricky situation with grace and quick thinking. He took time to connect with me (mom) and patient (daughter) making us both feel as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. The ladies at the billing desk were wonderful, kind, and thoughtful also.

Bartlett Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
3071 Kirby Whitten Rd. Bartlett

  • And Bartlett Pediatric Dentistry is the most child-friendly dentist I have ever seen. Good luck!
  • Dr. Elisa Benaim, is wonderful. Bartlett Pediatric Dentistry has my kids begging to go to the dentist. 🙂
  • Bartlett Pediatric Dentistry – Tim Bakelaar

J. Whitley Wills, DDS
59 South Idlewild
Dentist for adults…Dr. Whit Wills.

Pediatric Dental Specialties
5040 Sanderlin

  • Ped dentist – Dr. Brad Wilkinson
  • Awesome dr and amazing staff! We love going there!

Germantown General & Cosmetic Dentistry
7938 Wolf River Blvd, Germantown
Adult dentist – Dr. Chris Cooley. You can get paraffin wax hand treatement during your cleaning to relax you. Need I say more?

Dr. Greg Kemp, DDS
266 S Cleveland St

  • Our family sees Dr. Kemp – the adults and our 7 year old.  He seems conservative in his approach and is good with kids.  We’ll take our 3 year old in soon, if he’s scared they recommended we take him to a pediatric dentist, but otherwise he’ll go there too.
  • We are giant fans of dr kemp DDs in midtown – best dentist I have ever been to – awesome staff

The Smile Center
6750 Poplar
Dr. Mehdi Sadeghi is at Poplar/Kirby, kids & adults.  my dentist since I’ve lived here (12 yrs) I love Dr. Mehdi!

Dr. Blake Billups
5170 Sanderlin Ave

  • I am obsessed with Dr. Blake Billups on Sanderlin. I tell everyone about the place! They let me have the gas for a cleaning because I am a big baby, they have blankets in every room, i always have the same dental hygienist, the staff is extremely friendly, Dr. Billups is great, etc.
  • Dr. Blake Billups on Sanderlin. I absolutely love them and I used to hate the dentist. I highly recommend them!

Wilkins Orthodontics and General Dentistry
5610 Murray Rd
Great dentist and staff. Dentist and Orthodontist.

Brink Pediatric Dental Associates
6565 Stage Road, Bartlett
I take my 2-year-old daughter to Brink Pediatric Dental Associates. After calling a number of dentists in my general area, I found them to be the only ones who would see my daughter even though she was only a year old at the time (It is highly recommended that children are seen by a dentist soon after cutting teeth.). They are great with her. She is still somewhat leery of the whole visit, but they do a great job in helping to make her feel more comfortable and do not push her to have anything done that would scare her.

Sellers Dental Studio
5341 Estate Office Dr
Dr. Sellers is simply amazing for both me and my children! She even offers Botox!! I can’t say enough about her! Her office is at Poplar and Estate!

Joseph Adkins, DDS
6800 Poplar Ave

Evergreen Family Dentistry
1723 Kirby Parkway
Dr. Cochran

Periodontal Associated of Memphis
6268 Poplar Avenue
Dr. Godat

Aesthetic Dentistry of Collierville
362 New Byhalia Rd, Collierville
Alan Blanton in Collierville is terrific

I’m a dental hygienist here in Memphis, but I do contract work(substituting for other hygienists)…so I go all over town, to different offices…I see the “behind the scenes” stuff, like how the dds treats employees, if they truly have the best interest of the patient at heart, quality work for reasonable price, etc…I HIGHLY recommend Micah Parkhurt (across from Target-Colonial-683-4369), Robert Gardino (near Poplar/Kirby-624-7474), and Jeff Kalmowicz (corner of White Station and Park-683-7309)…all in East Memphis…all also see children.