Some moms recently asked for recommendations for adult therapists.  As always, the moms came through with lots of recommendations.  Need a marriage counselor, child psychologist or free/inexpensive therapy options?  Check the Mental Health Professionals list here.

Feeling sad?

Experiential Healing Center

Christian Psychology Center
A non-profit organization affiliated with Second Presbyterian Church, providing services for adults
East Memphis

Collierville Counseling
Kathy Harrison in Collierville is fantastic.

HeartLife Professional Soul-Care
a non-profit, christian organization providing services to adults and children

  • Heartlife soul care in Germantown has great counselors. I am a therapist myself and would recommend them.
  • Heartlife Soul Care is a wonderful place!!
  • Brenda Gilman at Heartlife Soul Care 756-5788

Susan Schneurer  in Collierville is incredible. Both my mother and I see her a few times a year.
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Chamberlin Clinic, P.A.
Adult, adolescent and child psychology

  • Dr. Nanetta Walls, The Chamberlin Clinic, Cordova, 757-0568
  • Lisa Williams, Chamberlin Clinic
  • Dr Mansoor at the Chamberlain Clinic.

Mealer Psychological, PLLC
Dr. Cynthia Mealer is excellent

Desoto Family Counseling Center has a great group of professionals.
services for children, adolescents, teens, and adults
Southhaven, MS