A mom recently asked for recommendations for a cardiologists for herself.  The moms were quick to provide a lot of options:

Cardiology Specialists of Memphis
David Iansmith is great! 

Sutherland Cardiology Clinic
I highly recommend Dr. Andersen, Akins, McDonald, and Stewart over at Sutherland Cardiology Clinic. I use to refer a majority of my patients there. They have excellent diagnostic and interventional cardiologists along with excellent electrophysiologists.

The Stern Cardiovascular Center

  • Stern Cardiovascular. If she or a female friend/relative is the one in need of the doctor, Jennifer Morrow specializes in women’s heart health there and is awesome.
  • I really love Dr. Jimmy Klemis at Stearn Heart Clinic. Great guy and compassionate doctor.
  • Stern cardiovascular has tons of great drs and they have privileges at most hospitals in this area. 
  • Have used Stern for arrhythmia monitoring and they were professional and on time, and EXTREMELY thorough.
  • Agree to Jennifer Morrow or Jimmy Klemis at Stern. Really anyone at Stern, David Wolford, etc.
  • Dr. Wolford at Stern Cardiovascular took wonderful care of my dad when he had a heart issue this past year. Highly recommend him! 
  • Dr. Russo @ Stern cardiovasular is amazing!  I’ve referred several of my patients to her.

Memphis Heart Clinic

  • Stacy Smith at Memphis Heart Clinic! She’s wonderful!
  • Dr Stacy Smith at Memphis Heart Clinic is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever seen.
  • Dr Stacey Smith at Memphis Heart Clinic is amazing! She is very thorough and spends so much time explaining things to you and wants to make sure you completely understand everything. She is the sweetest doctor! Wish all of mine were like her!