A mom was looking for child psychologists recommendations. Specifically someone who does well with boys, and is cautious and thorough with the ADHD diagnosis. Since then we’ve had other requests, including psychologists/psychiatrists who can do IQ testing, so that info is in here as well.


Here are the recommendations from the moms of East Memphis:

Dr. Elizabeth Harris, Clinical Psychologist
(901) 761-1119
Dr. Harris no longer does testing but she still does therapy

  • Dr. Elizabeth Harris. I took my 6 year old son to see her over the summer and she helped us all a lot. And she didn’t seem to push any add/adhd diagnosis on us at all.
  • Dr Elizabeth Harris – If you ask a another psychologist who they would take their child to they will tell you Dr. Harris. I was recommend to her by 4 psychologist. My son thought she was cool and he loved to talk to her.
  • I am a clinical psychologist and I highly recommend Liz Harris too. She’s great.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Harris does educational testing as well.
  • Not Elizabeth Harris. My children’s session and information was released to someone I never gave my permission to release to. She only saw my kids 3 times and I will never take them back to her

University of Tennessee Boling Center

  • Dr Kube at Boling Center is excellent for diagnosis. Dr Jerry Heston is amazing for treatment and therapy, he is a psychiatrist though.
  • I am completely and totally biased toward UT Boling because I have seen how thorough and wonderful all the pediatricians and psychologists are. Also, Dr. Kube with UT Boling has an ADHD clinic out east. If it were my child I would try to get in to that clinic first.

Bebee Psychology
Amy Bebee is very good.

Chamberlain Clinic
I was a teacher and that is who the school counselor recommended to several students. Dr. Digaetano in particular

Christian Psychological Center

  • Lou Martin at Christian Physiological Center came to our Mops group awhile back. she came highly recommended
  • My mom works in the office for Christian Psychological Group right by PDS and the U of M, and they do all types of educational testing.
  • Marlo at Christian psychological but she may not have any openings.
  • I like Dr. Marlo at Christian Psychological Center.

Memphis Integral Neurofeedback Institute
Dr. Dale Foster at MINI in Cordova.

Felicia Knowles, MD

  • Go see Felicia Knowles in Germantown. She’s a neurologist that specialized is ADHD and ADD. She’s amazing and will help you through the process. I have twins I thought had one of these issues. They were tested and didn’t have them. She will try natural courses first!
  • We went to Dr Felicia Knowles. She and her staff are very kind, patient, and understanding. They are willing to do whatever it takes to do what is best for your child.

Dr. William Little, Clinical Psychologist
(901) 767-6351
My son was diagnosed by William Little at Estate and Poplar, but the school wouldn’t accept the diagnosis, due to him being a psychologist. They said it …had to come from an MD. An ADHD diagnosis is a good thing – it helps you get services your child needs at school. For instance, my son is able to get physical therapy at school because of his documented ADHD, even though his motor skill delays are due to another condition. It’s the ADHD medication that you need to be cautious about. My son has accommodations at school, no medication, and is doing great.

Dr. Roland Lee
Please use a psychologist that specializes in psychoeducational evals-there are not many. We have used Dr. Roland Lee twice and he comes highly, highly recommend. We have several friends and family members that have used him as well. He is wonderful! Dr. Amy Beebee comes highly recommended as well. I have had some friends really steered in the wrong direction from some psychologists. Interpreting the results is key and seems to be where the difference lies in what I would consider an appropriate psychologist for a solid evaluation. You would not want a Dr. that dabbles in psychoed evals! 

Dr. Linda Vierling

New Hope Family Counseling
Call Michael Barnette, he is the best in the area as far as ADHD or any child behavior problem is concerned. Contact him on his website.

Behavioral Science Consulting
Jessica Myszak does psychological testing and therapy with kids and adults–her office is downtown, and she used to work at the Boling Center, so she has lots of experience working with kids with developmental disabilities (autism, ADHD). She can usually schedule appointments within a week or two!

Germantown Psychological

  • Dr Roy Greenberg at Germantown Psychological did IQ testing and ADHD testing for us and it was a good experience. There are others in his group as well. We see Dr. Robert Hoehn (psychiatrist) for med management.
  • We love Dr. Jain. She is personable, really relates well to our son, is very knowledgeable and professional.
  • Dr Jain at Germantown Psychological is amazing! She is a Neuropsychologist specializing in development disorders (ADHD autism etc) traumatic brain injury, etc. She did full psych exam for my son and listed accommodations for the school (ADHD Aspergers traits). We have been seeing her for therapy for over three years now. My son really connects with her-she listens and we have grown by leaps and bounds during these years.

University of Memphis Regional Intervention Program (RIP)
RIP is an early intervention program serving children with behavioral problems under the age of six (6) years; many with varying developmental abilities. Free.
I also have known preschoolers to experience success with the RIP program at the University of Memphis (if it’s behavior).