A mom asked for recommendations for a gastroenterologist for herself.  Based on the responses it looks like there are two large practice in the area.  Here’s what the moms had to say.

Gastro One
Offices include Bartlett, Germantown and Midtown

  • Chris Griffith
  • Rolando Leal !! My mom almost died last year from diverticulitis and he was wonderful … He has been her doctor for many many years !!! Very knowledgable and has many years experience !!!
  • Dr. Wooten at Gastro One is great too!
  • Dr. Anca Pop
  • Dragutsky at Gastro One
  • Dr Remak @ GastoOne is an awesome Dr. & man!!
  • Dr John ward at Gastro one is amazing
  • David Sloas. He is known as “House” at the hospital. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll understand. I can also testify to that from personal experience.
  • John Ward

Memphis Gastroenterology Group

  • Dr Wruble, Dr Baum
  • I saw Alex Baum last year. My ob/gyn recommended him. I really liked him and would use him again.
  • Myron Lewis at Memphis Gastro. Awesome.
  • Carter Towne at Memphis Gastro
  • Lawrence Wruble or Rolando Leal
  • Dr. Cattu at Memphis Gastro. Absolutely amazing!
  • Dr. Bierman is great! Whatever you do, don’t see Dr.Lewis. Dr.Carter Towne is also very good.
  • As a nurse myself I recommend Dr Terrence Jackson. He is great!