A mom recently asked for General Practitioner recommendations, specifically for her 16 year old daughter. Here are the doctors/practices the moms recommended:

Cresthaven Internal Medicine

  • John Buttross, wins multiple awards each year and is the doctor that doctors see…he’s Internal Medicine.
  • Another vote for Dr. John Buttross. He’s wonderful and so is his staff. I’ve also seen 2 different nurse practitioners at his office and they’ve been great, too. Their number is 901-821-8300.
  • And another vote for Dr. John Buttross. He is a wonderful doctor and very caring.
  • Arthur Franklin is in the same group as John Buttross – they are both excellent!
  • Arthur Franklin, hands down the BEST doc i’ve ever had; been with him over 15 yrs
  • Arthur Franklin (takes a little bit to get in to see but he is great) his NP is also very good
  • second for Dr. Arthur Franklin. He just moved into a group practice but he is kind, concerned, honest… 

Southwind Medical Specialists

  • Dr. Lamar Bailey Southwind Medical Specialists off of Sanderlin
  • Debbie O’Cain

Dr. Hurley in Germantown! She’s great & VERY thorough! 

I vote Dr. Hurley in germantown for a GP and her sister is an OBGYN 

Dr. Gregory Jenkins, in Cordova. I have never waited more than 2 minutes, and he acts like he has all the time in the world to talk to me.

Memphis Internal Medicine & Pediatrics: Allison Stiles in midtown does adult gp and has extensive training in pediatrics.

Dr. Howard Nease.(Cordova) Very thorough! If your appt is at 10, you will be seen at 10. Highly recommend!

Jolie Porter, MD love her they are on wolf river. Foundation Medical Group all women.

Dr. Mark Vlasak in Collierville or Dr. Howard Nease in Cordova!

Foundation medical. Dr Freeland