Some moms-to-be need more care than others.  If you fall into this group you’ll appreciate these recommendations for obsetricians who specialize in high risk patients.  If you just need a recommendation for a “regular” OB check out this post.

UT Medical Group

Center for High Risk Pregnancies – CHRP
6215 Humphreys Blvd., Suite 201 Memphis, TN  38120


Dr. Michael Schneider with UT Medical Group. 901-866-8085 He is amazing!

To jump on the bandwagon, I was high-risk with diabetes and used Schneider (UT Medical Group) who worked in conjunction with my normal OB (Tom Crenshaw with Ruch Clinic). He was great, would use him again.

Schneider is one of the nicest and smartest dr’s I’ve ever met!

I was high risk and used Henry Sullivant for my obgyn and Dr. Schneider for my high risk. I was very pleased with my care from both.

ALL for Schneider- loved him!! Started at 16 weeks all the way thru and he treated me like I was his own daughter!! Would NOT go anywhere else!

Yes Dr. Schneider! I too saw both BK and Schneider. Dr. BK told me my baby was pretty much going to die. She’s perfect and 4 months old. He was arrogant and had terrible bedside manner. Plus my appointment took 5 hours because of all the wait times. Ugh. My blood pressure rises every time I think about that appointment. Dr. Schneider is so nice. From what I gathered he split from MFM because Dr. BK is such a douche. 

BK or Schneider! Schneider better bedside than BK, but BK is still a great and very smart dr and his ultrasound staff and nurses are great! 

Mid South Maternal Fetal Medicine
6266 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN

My regular OB referred me to Dr Michael Schneider and he was GREAT when I had pre-e. I’d definitely go with him… do NOT let them steer you towards his partner, insist on him. Partner is okay, but little bedside manner.

Dr. Bors-Koefed (Dr. B.K.). He’s fabulous and has a great staff!!!

Dr. Bors-Koeded was mine!

DR BK! More experience and more Ethical than Schneider. Bors-Koefoed is relax and his staff is very chill. They are wonderful. 682-2595 

BK or Schneider! Schneider better bedside than BK, but BK is still a great and very smart dr and his ultrasound staff and nurses are great!

Dr. Betty Jo Dulaney MD
2157 Judicial Drive Germantown, TN

Betty Jo Dulaney is great.

Fertility Associates of Memphis  
80 Humphreys Center, Suite 307 Memphis, TN

Dr. Kutteh 

Dr. Kristin Miller MD

6750 Poplar Avenue Suite 210 Memphis, TN  38138

Dr. Kristin Miller, she’s a great doc, very personable, and the only one in her practice. Her office is located in The Forum at Poplar and Kirby. 756-6522

Adams Patterson 
6215 Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN (Baptist Women’s Hospital) 901-767-3810
7705 Poplar Ave. Bldg B Germantown, TN (Methodist Germantown)  901-767-3810

Adams Patterson…they all deal with high risk pregnancies.

Women’s Heath Specialists
7800 Wolf Trail Cove, Germantown, TN 901-682-9222
obstetrics, gynecology, and urogynecology

Dr Frank Ling is the best if you have other issues, not just pregnancy. He works at Women’s Health Specialists with TWO of the three urogyns is the whole city. He is the Director for the Center of Pelvic Pain and does treat high-risk preg. That whole group is amazing! All of the women who work there are the nicest in the city! I cannot say enough good about them. That group has kept this baby alive!

Dr. Val Vogt would be my first choice of a UROGYN specialist. Sorry for confusion LOL