A mom asked for recommendations for a mammography center and got great responses. Here’s what the moms had to say:

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging on Poplar. So nice, fast, digital, you could see your results right there in the room.

Diagnostic Imaging. The staff is friendly & the doctors are very nice as well. Everyone is very personable.

Breast clinic of Memphis…Dr. Michael Berry is amazing and so is the rest of their staff.

Methodist Breast Center – Germantown

This is where my OB sent me.. they were amazing! VERY clean, friendly and fast. My appt was at 12:45 and I was brought back at 12:40 and done by 1:30. I was shocked. I highly recommend them 

Methodist was amazing. Absolutely fantastic staff- everyone was so sweet, took their time explaining everything, and allowed me to ask questions without feeling rushed. 

Methodist Breast Diagnostic Center on Wolf River. Very nice, calming facility with nice staff. I have had two “scares” in which the radiologist needed more ultrasounds and the nurses were very comforting and calmed me down until I was given final word that everything was okay.  

Methodist Breast Diagnostic Center in Germantown–in and out quickly, amazing rad techs, best radiologists in the city, very convenient.  

Methodist breast center is great!

Mroz-Baier Breast Care Clinic

I’ve been at the Methodist women’s health and at Mroz-Baier Breast clinic. The difference was after the tec. takes the images…at the Methodist, it is very impersonal, the nurse comes and tells you that the doctor found something and that you will need to come again….you never see the face of the person who read your images even after I asked them so because I wanted to know more detail…. At Mroz the doctor comes and talk to you and shows you your images and goes through an exhausting explanation about what and why everything as if there is no other patient in the universe but you, you can take all the time asking every question you have in your head. It makes such a huuuuge difference! My insurance will charge me if I need extra images (more than 1 p/year) if I go to a Hospital facility, but they charge me nothing if it is done in a doctors office. 2 good reason i would definetly recommend Mroz…. and I’ll do it without hesitate even if I had to pay extra. Another thing to consider is that not all the mammography centers do Diagnostic, if they find something abnormal you will have to go to a Hospital (Methodist, Baptist) the only place I found to have Diagnostic mammograms other than Hospital was Mroz.

The Breast Clinic of Memphis

Dr. Oswaks moved from Mroz-Baier to Dr. Berry’s Breast Clinic on Brierbrook in Gtown. Love that office way more than Mroz-Baier at St. Francis. He does the sonogram himself and gives you his cell number in case you need him.

Dr Berry is amazing. 

Park Avenue Diagnostic

I highly Recommend Park Avenue Diagnostic Center. Call 901-767-0505 to schedule your own appointment. No referral needed for a screening mammogram. They have digital mammography and a physician on site for Diagnostic Mammography and Breast Ultrasound if needed. The same technologists have been there for the last 10 years I have gone there. They treat you like family!