Successful relationships don’t just happen.  You have to work at them.  Sometimes you need some external help too.  Below are some people fans on EMM recommended for marriage counseling. Those marked with ** are specifically recommended for help with separated couples co-parenting their children.


Christian Psychological Center

  • Leila Todd at Christian Psychological Center (CPC)
  • The Christian Psychological Center has excellent marriage counselors. Although I do not know from personal experience, I have had friends who highly recommend.
  • CPC is a one stop shop for family
  • Julia Johnson – she is great – I’d highly recommend her.**

Dr. Jennifer Stone
Private practice, two offices, one in Bartlett and one in midtown. She’s pretty awesome.

HeartLife Soul Care
Brenda Hopper Gilman is excellent

Dr. Katherine Blakney, PLLC


Karen Riss
My recommendation is Karen Riss, 278-1979. She is wonderful!

Experiential Healing Center
Depending on the reason you are looking, Experiential Healing Center in midtown is great! They focus on addictions including sex addiction (i.e. affairs, porn, etc). They are in midtown. 372-0710
I highly recommend the Experiential Healing Center for marriage or any other kind of counseling. Michelle Rappaport and Kent Fisher have helped my marriage and family tremendously! 

Christian Counseling Center in Bartlett.

Bellevue Baptist Church
free counseling to members and non members. You can call them and ask for the biblical guidance dept

Dr. Lee Horton

  • Dr. Lee Horton is my recommendation. My husband and I both liked him 
  • I would recommend Dr. Horton. I found him through our insurance and we both feel pretty comfortable with him. I encourage anyone who is looking for a therapist to check with their insurance first. Surprisingly our sessions are covered. He has a website that gives some insight into his philosophy.

Sarah Lebovitz**

Dr. Kenneth B. Jones
I am a family law litigator and have heard a lot of great things about Dr. Kenneth Jones.  He works miracles.  His number is 507-2998.

Collierville Counseling
My friend who does divorce mediation, Beth Yarbourgh, recommended Kathy Harrison in Collierville for pre-martial counseling for my fiancé and I. She is an amazing therapist!! She does marriage and individual counseling.

Dr. Tyler Rogers
His office is near Oak Court Mall. Here is his description on Twitter: Christian, Husband, Counselor and Pastor @RenewMemphis, Professor.  Great guy, wonderful counselor.

Samaritan Counseling Center of the Mid South
Reverend Rod Spencer of the Samaritan Counseling Center of the Mid South. He is a reverend, but he is no “Mr. Rogers” type counselor. Very blunt, helped with blended family issues.

Dr. Rose Johnston
My husband and I went to several last year and finally found one that didn’t just make us talk and shake their heads the entire time. Dr. Rose Johnston in East Memphis is wonderful. She had us doing exercises during the visits and gave us “homework” all of which were very helpful.

Life Matters Counseling
Chris Pekary is wonderful