A reader was recently asking for recommendations on nutritionists, here are the ones the moms recommend:

Lora Lyons at Fundamental Fitness

Betsy Friedman

Schilling Nutrition Therapy LLC

Leslie Schilling is an RD (she is licensed, whereas nutritionists do not necessarily have any qualifications). She is fabulous beyond words. She uses the intuitive eating approach, which has changed my life. She’s also helped me teach my little girl good eating habits. 
Definitely Leslie Schilling! Yes, dietitians/nutritionists do have to have qualifications! (I am one myself.) A dietitian/nutritionist must have RD (registered dietitian), LDN (licensed dietitian/nutritionist) after his/her name or they are a fraud.
I second Leslie Schilling- we used to be neighbors and she’s very nice. Also Jennifer Zshohar is one- she may specialize in kids- gave a talk to my moms group and was very interesting
Fourth that on Leslie. She is amazing!! Totally took the stress away from the fact that my four-year old seems to live on air. And she gave me a great tip to help avoid eating out of boredom. Love her!