Below are the OB/GYN recommendations from the East Memphis Moms on Facebook and Twitter.  Scroll to the bottom for Gynecologist (not OB) and Midwife recommendations.  If you have additional recommendations please add a comment to this post.  If you need a high risk OB please check this post.

I make big babies. Good thing this one came 10 days early

Ruch Clinic
6215 Humphreys Boulevard (Adjacent to the Baptist Hospital for Women)
7705 Poplar Avenue (Adjacent to Methodist Hospital- Germantown)

  • Dr. Laura Bishop
  • Heather Chauhan at Ruch Clinic
  • I second Dr. Laura Bishop and Dr. Heather Chauhan at the Ruch Clinic for an OB/GYN. And also Dr. Charles Yukon for a Pediatrician. All great doctors! 
  • Dr. Bishop, Dr Chauhan @ Ruch Clinic, I have six babies with this group and they are wonderful!
  • I must agree with the many others who said Ruch Clinic and to see Dr. Heather Chauhan, or Dr. Laura Bishop.
  • I know a lot of the Ruch Clinic doctors have been mentioned, but I’d like to add Dr. Franklin Kennedy to that list. He’s one of the best OB/GYNs I’ve ever had.
  • Dr. Heather Chauhan! She has fabulous bedside manner. I hate to recommend her because then it will be even harder to get an appointment.
  • John Pickens @ Ruch Clinc is awesome!
  • Dr. FRANK KENNEDY at the Ruch Clinic. His bedside manner is wonderful. He helped me thru a difficult miscarriage and then the subsequent joyful delivery of my twins. My twin pregnancy was difficult and because of his expertise they both survived and now are thriving 7 yr olds. He also literally saved the life of our 13 yr old daughter who had a very rare GYN condition that was misdiagnosed by LeBonheur doctors. I trust my life and my children’s with him. After all, he saved each of my children’s lives. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!!!
  • Doctors Pickens, Kennedy and Chauhan at Ruch Clinic are amazing! Have seen them all and have friends who have used them. Each has a very different personality, but very caring!
  • Dr. Pickens at the Ruch Clinic was supportive of my doing a VBAC nafter one c-section.
  • Dr. Laura Bishop at Ruch Clinic! The absolute BEST ob/gyn I’ve had to date. She helped me get through my issues conceiving and delivered my healthy baby boy. She’s also just wonderful at being attentive to your female needs. She’s also all about staying on top of the latest technology. She’s very skilled in robotic procedures. Love her!
  • Dr. Bishop has absolutely no personality.
  • 100% agree with you that Dr. Bishop’s bedside manner is seriously lacking. I went to her (just as a gyn) for several years as I was dealing with painful intercourse issues. After trying estrogen cream and having negative ultrasounds done, she told me that a lap surgery was the ‘next step’ in determining the cause of my issue; surgery turned up nothing (thankfully) but it was as if she was frustrated with me for being an enigma and I feel like she mentally threw up her hands at me. I felt like I had no options left! I got sick of her chilly personality and switched to Dr. Lynn and haven’t looked back since. I just wish I’d switched sooner. I feel like my surgery was unnecessary. And guess what? Dr. Lynn has been AWESOME and discussed other minimally invasive options for me that Dr. Bishop never even mentioned. Sorry for the rant; I am still frustrated two years later.

Adams Patterson
6215 Humphreys Blvd., Memphis (Baptist Women’s Hospital)
7705 Poplar Ave. Bldg B, Germantown (Methodist Germantown)

  • Dr. Leah Tonkin at Adams Patterson
  • Judy Williams, Chapman, and Tonkin are all great OBs at Adams Patterson.
  • Dr F. King OB at Adams Patterson is also great. 
  • Anyone at Adams Patterson Group is great.
    Dr. Judith Wiliams at Adams-Patterson OB-GYN.
    Dr. Frank King at Adams Patterson. He is absolutely wonderful as are the other doctors and nurses in his practice.
  • I love mine. Frank King with Adams Patterson. Locations at both Baptist Women’s and Gtown Methodist.

Mid-South OBGYN
80 Humphreys Center, Memphis (Baptist Women’s Hospital)
7705 Poplar Ave., Germantown (Methodist Germantown)

  • The doctors at Midsouth OBGYN are great – Dr. Christa Crisler is mine.  
  • Dr. Tom Greenwell at MidSouth OBGYN (901-747-1200) is awesome. He delivered all 3 of my children. One delivery had some complications that ended with an emergent c-section and although it was scary, everything went smoothly and Dr. Greenwell kept everyone calm. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. G and his staff.
  • Dr. Greenwell @ Midsouth Ob is great
  • Dr. Neblett at Midsouth OBGYN. I hated going to those doctors, but he has a great bedside manner. He helped save the life of my 1 year old and myself when I had preeclampsia. I trust him with my life!!
  • Dr. Judi Carney.
  • Dr. Herbert Taylor. I have been going to him for years and absolutely love him. Unfortunately, he didn’t deliver my two children because they both were early. Dr. Neblett delivered my last, who is 3 weeks old, and he was wonderful too. I highly recommend MidSouth OBGYN!!
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mann with MOGA is excellent. She has delivered all three of my babies, and been there with us through 3 miscarriages as well.
  • Dr. Geisler has the worst bedside manner of any doctor I have ever been to. While explaining something going on in my pregnancy she poked fun at me.. after I waited 45 mins to see her… then still didn’t answer me after making fun of me.. and didn’t give me a chance to ask any other questions… after waiting 45mins to see here was in the room for 5-7min TOPS…. (thumbs down) As far as MOGA clinic as a whole I have volunteered in free clinics that are better then the MOGA clinic on Popular at Methodist Hospitals, parking is horrible, the clinic itself is VERY small, hectic, chaotic.. I’m so thankful I was early enough in my pregnancy that I could still switch clinics and doctors.

OBGYN Specialists
6401 Poplar Avenue, Suite 530, Memphis
OBGYN Specialists for doctors. Have had all 3 children with them and love them (all women’s group). 

Dr. W. David Stinson
315 Walnut Bend South, Cordova
Dr. Kenneth Byrd is Dr. Stinson’s partner, and has seen me through 1 and three-quarters pregnancies. I highly recommend him for his calm and supportive bedside manner. My first daughter was post mature by a week and fairly large (9 lbs 11 oz), and he respected my wishes to have a natural birth. He let me know he would like to do a c-section, and his reasons, but did not pressure me. He is also very good about including Dad in any discussions, and making him feel like part of the process. He shares an office with Dr. Stinson.
PS He also sports a wicked fantastic mustache.

McDonald-Murmann Women’s Clinic
7205 Wolf River Blvd. Suite 150, Germantown

  • McDonald-Murmann Women’s Clinic. I see Dr. Martin. The entire practice is comprised of women. I like that.
  • Dr. Susan Murrmann
  • Beware of recommending entire ob/gyn practices because while some may love dr martin @ mcdonald murmann I did not like dr lee who delivered my 4 month old. You only see your own dr @ the practice.
  • Dr. Heather Donato is great
  • Dr. Cole
  • Dr Kyle Martin at McDonald Murmann and Dr Leslie Mayo. Both great Doctors and Finished top of their classes
  • McDonald Murrman-Dr. Kristi Cole. May be hard to get in as a new patient but well worth it! Very punctual on her appt. times too! Have never had to wait very long at all. Love her and all the other drs and staff at McDonald Murrmann-in fact, am going there today LOL!!!
  • At McDonald-Murmann Women’s Clinic: I’ve seen Dr. Lee (who delivered my first child) and I did not like her. She wasn’t easy to talk to and not open to discussing options for natural alternatives. She is a great surgeon though. I had Dr. Martin deliver my second. I like her much better – friendly and easy to talk to, but still not very supportive of natural options.
  • I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Christi Cole at McDonald Murman women’s clinic. Her mother was an OB/GYN and she is a fantastic doctor. The nurses at Baptist Women’s Hospital really bragged on her and loved working with her. She really listens to you and was phenominal during the labor and delivery. I mean phenominal. She truly cares about her patients, was very calm and together during a few scary parts of pregnancy and delivery. She is very upfront and honest, in a caring way…She’s THE BEST!

Women’s Physician Group
1469 Poplar Ave, Memphis
7705 Poplar Ave Bldg B, Germantown

  • Lanetta Anderson Brooks (especially if she is trying to have a natural birth or wants to work with a doula, etc). 
  • There are a few docs that are supportive of natural births – Dr. Lanetta Anderson Brooks is my doctor and she is wonderful!
  • I second Dr. Brooks being wonderful and supportive of (essentially to the point of advocating for) natural birth. We had an awesome natural experience at Germantown Methodist with her, though I’m sure it wouldn’t compare to all the comforts of a home birth, we were pleased.
  • Dr. Grandberry of Women’s Physician Group is great. I saw her once when my Dr. (Dr. Carter) was delivering a baby. She has a great bedside manner and was very personable even though I wasn’t her patient per se. Dr. Rouselle of the same practice was very callous and rude as the Dr. on call when I thought I was leaking fluids. It was my first pregnancy and she was very terse when informing me that I would have to go to the hospital because I didn’t call during office hours. Dr. Grandberry of the same practice actually delivered my son. She made me feel stupid when I asked a question about her breaking my water. She also seemed inconvenienced by my labor and the birth of my son. My husband never actually felt like a part of my pregnancy with this group. He could never truly be a part of my appointments due to their rules and regulations. They did allow him to attend ultrasounds though. I won’t be returning to this practice for baby #2, it’s a shame because Dr. Carter and Anderson-Brooks are awesome. I can’t chance dealing with the other two again.
  • Dr. Lanetta Anderson Brooks is awesome, not Dr. Grandberry.

Dr. Betty Jo Dulaney
2157 Judicial Drive, Germantown

  • Dr. Betty Jo Dulaney…amazing OB. She is in Germantown. 
  • Betty Jo Dulaney (in Germantown)!!!
  • Dr Betty Jo Dulaney in Germantown is the top “natural” provider in the area. She delivers all of her babies herself, performs all ultrasounds herself, and has one of, if not the lowest C Section rates in the city. Additionally, she is one of the only VBAC supporting physicians here. L & D nurses rave over her! I was with a large, fancy $$$ practice before her for 20 years and they delivered 2 of my children, but am so thrilled I found Dulaney for my 3rd!
  • Dr. Betty Jo Dulaney was so supportive of my unmedicated hospital birth with my doula! After my daughters birth she told me I did wonderfully! Love her!
  • I also loved my OB and natural minded!!! Also a huge plus-she does all the ultrasounds herself

Byrd and Stinson
315 South Walnut Bend Road, Cordova
I use Dr. Stinson of Byrd and Stinson. He delivered my first child and will deliver my second any day. He is very low key and low stress and was wonderful during my two miscarriages. His office is right near the corner of Germantown road and Walnut Grove. I highly recommend him.

Memphis OB/GYN
6215 Humphreys Blvd (Baptist Women’s Hospital)
7705 Poplar, Germantown (Germantown Methodist)

  • Dr. Cory Tinker of Memphis OBGYN is the best! He delivered my son and has been wonderful through every step of my pregnancy (including the million questions I always had!) and beyond. Professional, compassionate and solution-oriented.
  • Yep, Cory Tinker has been my ob/gyn, too. Highly recommended.
  • Dr. Cory Tinker MOGA. Awesome!!!
  • Dr. Cory Tinker. He is the best he will not leave the room until he has answered all of your questions. He is the best plus he’s a cutie pie!
  • Dr. Cory Tinker! Super gentle and nice. Will sit and answer any and all questions you have
  • I have seen dr Bannister since i was 14 & i love her. I had appts and ultrasounds every 2-3 weeks and she always helped all answer all my questions! I had issues bf at 4 months pp & she had noto problem sitting down to talk and let me cry. She initially gave me blunt remarks but she knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. Even now at my regular yearly she had to undo some serious rxs that my regular dr hd me on! The day i went into labor i cried bc she wasn’t on call that day..dr tinker was the one who delivered my son &i i was very against having a male dr at that time! He was very professional & i thought he was great! I was planning on having him as my backup doctor again! Now there was an older heavy set dr that i had to see at one of my checkups &i will NEVER see him again. He didn’t answer my questions, brushed off my emergency ultrasound results until Bannister was back in the office & made a quick reference (to my age, complications with a shortening cervix….i was 20!!!) as he was walking out the door.
  • I almost fell out of the chair when I saw all these recs for Dr. Tinker – he was the WORST! I was just one of a thousand patients for him, he could not have cared less about who I was or my birthing experience. Don’t let the pretty face fool you. He won’t remember you next week. I stuck with him for 39 weeks out of some weird ‘not wanting to make trouble’ ideal. I called the office days before my induction in tears over the thought of having that man in my delivery room. They switched me to Jason Mullenix and it was a breath of fresh air. He is amazing and extremely respectful. Make your appointment with him!
  • Coming from out of state to birth in Memphis, I initially desired a midwife natural hospital birth . However, after realizing that midwives are prohibited from practicing in Memphis hospitals…Dr. Jason Mullinex with MOGA was recommended by my doula. He has been amazing, and perhaps one of the nicest, most genuine doctors I have ever encountered. I can’t sing his praises enough. He completely supports that this is “our birth experience.” He takes time to answer all of my many questions, and supports our desires for this natural birth. If you’re looking for a doctor who will support you and your baby, Dr. Mullinex is a wonderful choice. He supports natural birthing, and has extensive knowledge and background with Ina May Gaskin, as he was the backup OB to “The Farm.” Also, another thing I truly respect about him, is that he delivers his patients, unlike some OBs. Amazing doctor and man, well-respected by my family and I. Pursuing a natural childbirth, other than home birthing is hard, praise The Lord for him.

OB/GYN Associates of the MidSouth
7705 Poplar Ave, Germantown (Germantown Methodist)
I would also recommend Dr. Donald Hamby at OBGYN Associates of the MidSouth , but was formerly at MidSouth OBGYN. He has seen me through 3 pregnancies and was wonderful. Dr. Greenwell delivered two of my children and while he was great the last time, he was quick to try and push an unnecessary Cesarean on me because I wasn’t pushing fast enough for him. 

Bartlett Women’s Clinic
2996 Kate Bond Rd, Memphis
Dr. Rye Estepp. Very supportive of VBAC. Although there are several docs at this practice, they don’t pass you around-she delivers all her patients’ babies. She is so caring and easy to relate to. I am so glad I found her!

Kristin Miller OB/GYN
6750 Poplar Avenue Suite 210, Memphis
I highly recommend Dr. Kristin Miller. She is fantastic and without going into a really long story, she quite literally saved my life and that of my son. She has delivered most of the babies in our family over the last 10 years as well as many friends. Not only do all of the women share a fondness for her, she has handled some serious complications and issues so well that our husbands’ feel just as strongly about her skill and passion for her work.

Bluff City Obstetrics & Gynecology
3249 West Sarazens Cr, Memphis

  • Dr. Michael Stack terrific! Great personality and very attentive, both at the office and during my labor. He takes his time every visit to make sure he has answered any questions you have. I have been seeing him for the past 5 years, and had my son with him. Dr. Penn Joe actually delivered my son via c-section and was also great. Neither pushed a c-section until it became very obvious I would have to have one (and my husband and I agreed)….and this was through a very long labor, with very little and eventually no progression.
  • I LOVE Dr. Stack as well. He delivered 2 of my children and helped me through a very difficult miscarriage.

Gynecologist Only

A mom requested recommendations for a gynecologist who who specializes in woman who are pre-menopausal and have hormone issues.

Carol I. Lynn, M.D. Gynecology
2136 Exeter Dr. Suite 103, Germantown

  • She is super nice! She has her own practice. Dr. Lynn was with the Ruch Clinic for many years as an OB/GYN and left a few years ago to just focus on GYN. She is so great that all of her nurses left Ruch too and followed her to her new office. If she is not the best doc for your issues, she can and will tell you the person to go see.
  • I second dr Lynn!!
  • Definitely Dr. Lynn!
  • I fourth Dr. Lynn – she is the woman!
  • Dr. Carol Lynn in Germantown. She is super nice! She has her own practice. Dr. Lynn was with the Ruch Clinic for many years as an OB/GYN and left a few years ago to just focus on GYN. She is so great that all of her nurses left Ruch too and followed her to her new office. If she is not the best doc for your issues, she can and will tell you the person to go see.

Dr. Indu Tejwani
6005 Park Ave, Suite 508, Memphis

Mestemacher Clinic For Women
7918 Wolf River Boulevard, Germantown

  • Christine Mestemacher, I’ve been seeing her since I was 18. Love, love her!
  • I use Mestamacher…. she is wonderful!!
  • Dr. Christine Mestemacher is the best doctor in this city!
  • I still take my 16 yo to Mestemacher because she has no major issues and only needs regular checkups. Mestemacher is gentle with younger girls who are going for the first time. I love her office decor…very uplifting.


Trillium WomenCare
2610 Autumn Ave, Memphis

  • Amy Stewart banbury. She is the best there is. Think her practice is called trillium birth.
  • Amy Banbury is wonderful. I know moms who’ve delivered with Martina and Lynda and were both very happy. I’d be happy to answer any questions about home birth that the mom has. My son was born at home in December and it was spectacular!
  • Amy Stewart-Banbury delivered my 10lb 14oz baby boy on Christmas Eve in the comfort of my home! She is amazing! Very educated and caring.

Full Circle Midwifery
1000 South Cooper Suite 229, Memphis

Chosen Birth Midwifery
915 Centerpoint Road, Mason, TN