Below are recommendations from the East Memphis moms for ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Wearing Grammy’s glasses

Pediatric Ophthalmologists

Dr. Kathryn Byrd

  • Kathryn Byrd is wonderful
  • Dr. Kathryn Byrd!! She is so great with kids and speaks to parents with kindness and understanding.We take our 7 month old to Dr. Byrd, and I really like her. Her office is very kid friendly. If you are able to schedule your appt right when she comes back from lunch then you never wait. Her staff is nice too. Dr. Byrd is really easy to talk to as well. We were referred to Dr. Kathryn Byrd for Tatelyn and loved her!!

UT Hamilton Eye Institute

  • Hamilton eye center on Madison downtown.
  • Dr. Ralph Hamilton (my daugthers) or Dr Hidaji (my sons) they are both wonderful!
    Natalie C. Kerr, MD, FACS, is the top pediatric ophthalmologist in the Mid-South. She has been repeatedly named by Memphis magazine as the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Memphis. She is the president of the American Orthoptic Society.

Visionary Eye Care

  • Fred Hidaji is my kids’ eye doctor. They love him!
  • we used to see one of the other docs above but switched to dr. hidaji and really love him. both docs are technically superior but he has a great way of communicating and made us feel part of the process. plus the waiting times were far less with him.
  • Dr. Hamilton (my daugthers) or Dr. Hidaji (my sons) they are both wonderful!

Dr. David Usdan
Dr. David Usdan. He is not a pediatric specialist but sees children in his office at St. Francis and is GREAT.

Peepers Optical Shoppe
Dr Flinn, I can’t remember his first name.

Eye Specialty Group
Dr. David Friedman


Dr. William Hurd
I really liked William Hurd. He was a little reserved but did a very good job when I had a cyst removed from my eye after a botched attempt (and an injury due to staff not reading my allergy info) at Dr. Freeman’s office.

UT Medical Group
Dr. Marias

Charles Retina Institute
Steve Charles is excellent.


Lim Vision Center
Helen Lim – she’s all the way in Whitehaven but totally worth the drive. She sees my whole family including my two boys.

Southern College of Optometry
Southern College of Optometry sees everyone. They are located on Madison not far from the medical corridor. They give a very thorough exam & have a great optical. Full disclosure my husband is chief of vision therapy & rehabilitation.

Memphis Family Vision & SEE Main Street

  • SEE Main Street, downtown Memphis. The people there are really cool and friendly with kids.
  • Memphis family vision is great! They are located on Mendenhall north of park, across from eastgate shopping center. I don’t know how young they see but given their name “family vision” I assume they see everyone!Memphis family vision will not see them til about age 5 – I tried to get my 2 year old in this morning

Dr. Mike Sandy
Dr. Michael Sandy – office outside of the Costco on Winchester and Hacks Cross. He totally rocks!!!

Midtown Eye Care
Dr Jared Powelson (midtown) does children & adults. He teaches at SCO too

The Optical Boutique
We love Dr. Shum’s office in Saddle Creek. His staff is so awsome with kids and adults. My husband is legally blind and they have him seeing 20/20 with his contacts! They will see you over and over until they get everything exactly right. Everyone there is so friendly

East Memphis Optometry
Dr. John Lee in the Eastgate Office Bldg. on Park is really good. He’s an Optometrist who has had extensive additional training. (There’s a name for it but I don’t remember it.) He and his staff are very knowledgeable, concerned, helpful, and friendly.

The Eyewear Gallery
Dr. Warren Johnson is exceptional. I have gone to him all of my adult life and my oldest also goes to him annually.

Eyes For You

  • same day service
  • the staff is super nice and helpful!

Vision Works

  • on Winchester near 385…there is a guy in there who is great
  • Vision works in oak court mall.

Target in Cordova

Eye Spectrum