Things have changed a lot over the past 20 years when it comes to orthodontics. Dentists are recommending visits to the orthodontist by the age of seven, which still seems shocking to me, but what do I know!? I’ll never forget braces, and rubber bands, and my retainer. Ugh. Not a pleasant experience. Hopefully it won’t be as unpleasant for my kids!


Here are the orthodontists recommended by the moms:

Weiss Orthodontics
5885 Ridgeway Center Pkwy
4759 Easley, Millington

  • Dr. Danny Weiss and Dr. Fisher are both wonderful!
  • Dr Danny Weiss is wonderful!

Sandusky Orthodontics
6262 Poplar
Dr. Cooper Sandusky off Poplar and Briarcrest. Our entire family goes to see him.

Dr. Tommy Whited
940 Collierville Arlington Rd
Dr Whited in collierville did mine and I loved him!!

Werner Orthodontics
3425 Quail Hollow Rd, Memphis
2002 Houston Levee Rd, Collierville

  • Drs. Werner. Stanley and Scott. Father and son on Quail Hollow.
  • Dr Scott Werner is the best.
  • Scott Werner is great! Did braces for both my husband and myself as adults and did our oldest daughter’s in her teens. Will be taking our youngest to him when she needs braces.
  • Stanley & Scott Werner!
  • We have 2 beautiful smiles from Scott Werner!

Dr. Meade Moore
1908 Exeter Rd, Germantown

Dr. Fred Piper
92 Timber Creek Dr

Wilkinson Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry
5610 Murray Rd

  • Dr. Greg Wilkinson 767-3390
  • Dr Greg Wilkinson my son just got his braces put on
  • Yep. I third Dr. Greg Wilkinson. Amazing person doc with an equally amazing staff.

Getman Orthodontics
1207 Macon View Dr, Cordova

  • I’ve been a hygienist here for 15 years and I refer all my patients there.
  • Second Getman orthodontics! Love them

Parris Orthodontics
2136 Exeter Rd, Germantown
William Parris in gtown is great!

Utley Orthodontics
298 Germantown Bend, Cordova
Dr Utley in Cordova is great. Staff is very nice and they lay out the cost up front and go over it with you. Very up front and honest . No long waits.