There have been two requests for orthopedist recommendations recently – one for kids and one for adults.  Both questions had a lot of responses, which leads me to believe that this is a great field of study for someone looking to be a doctor!  The request for adult orthopedist recommendations got over 60 comments.  60?!  You people are going to wear me out! LOL

Here are the recommendations:

Campbell Clinic

  • Sawyer is fantastic…..highly recommend
  • Dr. Sawyer is great! My son sees him for scoliosis
  • Dr. Beaty at Campbell’s is awesome too.
  • Campbell’s, Dr. Beaty. My son had surgery by him this January and he was wonderful!! Great bedside manner.
  • Warner at Campbell’s clinic is great for scoliosis!!!
  • Dr. Sawyer at Campbell Clinic!! My daughter broke her leg at 15 months and he was wonderful. At a time we were worried and freaked out he was so calm, kind, and reassuring.
  • Dr. Beaty at Campbell Clinic. Can’t say enough about how professional and top-notch he and his practice were with my daughter’s surgery.
  • I recommend Dr. Sawyer at Campbell Clinic also. He is great with kids!
  • I agree – Dr Jeffrey Sawyer. My daughter has seen him for a year with her Hip Dysplasia (sp?). He is great with kids and will answer all of your questions. Get an EARLY appt is my best advice!
  • Bill Warner at Campbell Clinic. I work with ped. Ortho oncology surgeon and that’s who we send our scoliosis kids to.
  • Dr sawyer!! The best & explains everything so you feel comfortable. First time parents, we had to take our daughter who was 4 days old to him.
  • My husband, Dr. Marc Mihalko, with Campbell Clinic! He is a triathlete himself and takes care of a lot of athletes.
  • Dr. Barney Freeman @ Campbell Clinic is wonderful….Campbell clinic wrote the book on orthopedics…….
  • I love dr. Patrick toy! I broke tib/fib last year ,.,,,he is awesome!
  • At Campbell, Drs. Azar, Phillips, Miller are the sports medicine docs at Gtwn office. Mihalko is great as he does triathlons so he gets it in addition to being a great doc but only sees patients at Desoto. Cleveland is another good one but is at midtown office. Good luck.

Dr. Susan Austen

  • Dr Susan Austen in Germantown absolutely recommend her. My 2 year old see’s her she is a pediatric only bone dr
  • Dr. Susan Austen was awesome for my daughter!!
  • My son has gone to Dr. Susan Austen since he was two. We have always been very pleased!
  • I do NOT recommend Susan Austen. She said my then 5 week old son positively had OI when he broke his arm and after extensive testing by genetic doctor found out gratefully that she was Wrong. Go to Beaty!!!!


  • Dr. Dlabach with OrthoOne is also great! He has treated running injuries for me and my whole family!
  • OrthoOne is great! Same day appointments. Dr pickering has treated my daughter’s sports injuries, my son’s malformation of his leg, and my wrist and knee injuries.
  • I am also a fan of OrthOne. Dr. Delabach is wonderful. They started from the Campbell Clinic and create their own practice. They also have in house PT.

Ortho Memphis (part of MSK Group, P.C.)

  • Mike Neel will love him!
  • At orthomemphis, you can even go at night mon-thurs til 8 pm with no appointment
  • Another vote for OrthoMemphis! Randy Holcomb is wonderful!
  • Definitely OrthoMemphis! Same day appointments for many or their sports medicine doctors, and the head of PT specializes in running rehab!
  • Just had knee surgery for an ACL repair on August 6th. Dr. Kenneth Weiss at Ortho Memphis. He had all the time in the world for me gave me his pager number if I needed him and his nurse has been amazing with responding to anything I need. He came highly recommended from other physicians in the community and also from a scrub nurse who has done many a surgery with him. I highly recommend him.
  • Dr Neil at Orthomemphis is great!
  • i think i’ve seen them all and I’ll take orthomemphis every time.
  • OrthoMemphis, without question!! Both of my parents & multiple friends have had knee surgeries by Dr. Khran….best knee guy in Mid South
  • Dr. Heck at OrthoMemphis was fantastic with our son when he broke his foot. His staff is amazing as well.
  • Dr. Neel @ Orthomemphis is best knee man in town. And he spends a ton of time doing volunteer work at St. Jude.
  • I’m a PT and would highly recommend Dr. Holcomb, Dr. Weiss, or Dr. Giel all at OrthoMemphis

Lendermon Sports Medicine

  • We use dr. Lienderman sports medicine in collierville. She is a runner and understands. She helps w training through injuries too. Stand out operation.
  • Laura Lendermon at Lendermon Sporta Medicine is a runner and a FABULOUS doctor! She’s kept me running through it all.
  • If your in Collierville area…Lendermon Sports Medicine easy to get in to see – she is a runner and athelete – great office and staff!
  • Dr Laura Lendermon’s office next to life time fitness she is a great doctor, runner (big time), and was a physical therapist specializing in Sports Medicine before ahead went to med school. She knows her stuff and how important getting back to the sport you live.

Tabor Orthopedics (part of MSK Group, P.C.)

  • My husband goes to Tabor Orthapedics. their office is over by st. Francis. He has seen both th father and son and been really happy with both.
  • Tabor Orthopedics. Dr. Lonegran
  • We used tabor ortho for kaylee’s knee surgery and were VERY pleased!
  • One more thing, Dr. Tabor Jr. did knee replacement surgery on my 70 year old mother two years ago and she recovered beautifully…..the physical therapist even came to their home in the early days of recovery. Tabor Ortho is the best.
  • I promise you that Dr. Sam Schroerlucke at Tabor Ortho is the best! He treated my Jone’s fracture and he is a runner himself. His bedside manner is amazing and he treats you like a friend and not a patient with a number.
  • go see dr. rob lonergan. he’s wonderful. did my knee surgery.

Memphis Orthopedic Group (part of MSK Group, P.C.)

I have had two sons have knee surgery with Dr Pokabla at Memphis Ortho, both with exceptional results!

East Memphis Orthopedic Group

Dr Peter Lindy with east Memphis orthopedic group is great.he did my aunt,her husband,my mom and surgery I had on my knee for meniscus tear last year!!

Specialty Orthopedics

  • If you want the best you should see Dr. Richard Ennis. He specializes in knees!
  • I second Dr Richard Ennis!
  • My husband is also a runner and had knee surgery. Dr. Ennis hooked him up!