Below are the Pediatrician recommendations from the East Memphis Moms.  If you have additional recommendations please add a comment to this post.

That moment when your kid realizes they are getting shots

That moment when your kid realizes they are getting shots

Practices marked with a * are recommended by moms interested in “alternative” practices include delayed vaccinations and no circumcision.

Yukon Clinic
1355 West Brierbrook Road, Germantown

  • we love our ped….Dr Charles Yukon and Catherine Chedister….Yukon Clinic…Small family type office with a passion for children
  • Pediatrician – Charles Yukon. We’ve been using the Yukon Clinic. Very pro breast feeding, love the staff. I have not asked how they feel about delayed vaccines though but they are very slow to medicate. They only take new patients as new babies (and older siblings). Call them for a consult prior to delivery and discuss the vax question.
  • Dr. Yukon is the best! He is down to earth, very practical, experienced, does not like to medicate unless necessary, never a wait time, staff is like family, they know both my kids well and remember my oldest when she was a baby!!! I drive 40 mins to take my kids there!

Pediatrics East
Germantown, Bartlett & Collierville offices

  • I was a Pediatrics East baby, and now my son is too. We’re very happy with Dr. Edwards.
  • I use Dr. Mitchell as a ped. She is part of Pediatrics East. She is very calm and patient very willing to spend lots of time with her moms. Only con for me is that she only practices at the Collierville office and I live off of Mendenhall, but I think she is worth the drive. The nice thing about Ped. East is that there is always a Dr. to see even if your particular Dr. is unavailable.
  • Dr. Lauren Mitchell
  • Dr Fesmire is amazing
  • Dr. Edwards at Pediatrics East. And worth noting that Peds East has a great lactation consultant on staff.
  • We go to Dr. “Bubba” Edwards but we’ve seen them all. They have Sat and Sun clinics and fully staffed nurse’s line during the day so no need to leave a msg and wait for a nurse to call you back
  • Dr. Bill Fesmire at peds east, love his tough love!!

Laurelwood Pediatrics
5050 Sanderlin

  • Dr. Joel Siegel at Laurelwood
  • I second Laurelwood for a Pediatrician.
  • Anyone at Laurelwood Peds.
  • Any doctor at Laurelwood Pedatrics is great
  • I must DISAGREE with the suggestion of Laurelwood Pediatrics. I left there because of the terrible service. I have at least 5 close friends who also left for the same reason.
  • I also left Laurelwood Peds after 6 months. Didn’t care for them at all.
  • We love Dr Ashley Miller at Laurelwood Pediatrics!
  • I’ve lived in 4 cities with my kids and having had great and awful pediatricians have to say that I love laurelwood peds. My kids official dr is chris hansen but they love going to see joel siegel.
  • Dr. Miller

River City Pediatrics
6401 Poplar Ave

  • we love Dr Geiger at River City Pediatrics!  
  • Dr. Geiger is AMAZING!! We are crazy about her. She has called us at home multiple times to check on my kiddos. She calls us back in a timely manner when we call the office and her office always gives us an appointment when one of my boys are sick. Her partners are wonderful too. We’ve talked to them on the phone on the weekends multiple times.

Memphis Pediatrics
1255 S. Germantown Road, Germantown

  • Dr. Aimee Christian — She is absolutely fantastic.  
  • We love Dr. Christian with Memphis Pediatrics. She doesn’t make us wait forever and she is wonderful with my children. Originally we took my oldest to Dr. Owen with Pediatrics East in Bartlett, but we were always having to wait for him. Once we waited over 45 minutes with a newborn which was absurd. Why we switched is my oldest was showing delays. He kept telling us nothing was wrong, I was overreacting. My father-in-law is a retired pediatrician and after 2 hrs with my daughter said something is wrong, get her to a developmental pediatrician. Dr. Owens continued to say nothing was wrong. I tried getting her records so I could handle it on my own and even that was a nightmare. After paying their fee, no one would get them for me and even Dr. Owens blew us off. Well, my daughter was diagnosed with mild autism and got help early enough to make a difference. No thanks to Dr. Owen. If we were still his patients he’d still be telling me everything is ok.
  • We switched to Memphis Pediatrics, Amee Christian is an answered prayer and I have had great experiences with the other doctors there as well.

All Better Pediatrics*
1102 Brookfield Road

  • Dr. Tamara Folz at All Better Pediatrics is fantastic and she is certified in Breast Feeding Medicine
  • I also go to Dr. Folz at All Better Pediatrics – very happy with both of these docs.
  • Dr. Folz-All Better Pediatrics.
  • All Better Pediatrics (East Memphis) with Dr Folz, Welch, and Ware! Dr Ware is a breastfeeding DR!
  • we love All Better, particularly Dr. Folz. She has also recently completed the additional breastfeeding courses that Dr. Ware has. They are very supportive of bf and delayed vax, but if you want to forgo vax altogether they won’t really support that. Dr. Folz knows that I’m more naturally inclined so she always offers up more natural treatment options for me. I have a girl, so I can’t speak to the circ.
  • All better pediatrics, I have a three year old who has seen Dr. Folz since birth and she suggested a delayed vaccination schedule after discussing my concern with vaccinations. My daughter is one and has seen Dr. Folz and Dr. Ware and she has not had one single vaccination and they have not given me any grief over it! They are wonderful!
  • I left All Better after they were NOT supportive of my no vax. They also forcibly retracted my infant’s foreskin. I brought in the literature on not retracting and was brushed off.
  • From Dr. Fotz: “Thank you all for the kind thoughts. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful staff that makes our office a home. I do want to clarify my philosophy about vaccinations and such. Both of my young daughters are fully vaccinated, however, I believe that each parent must decide what makes them most comfortable. Unlike, other pediatricians I do not dismiss patients from my practice if they choose not to vaccinate because my mom’s and babies need a medical home and a relationship with a pediatrician that they trust. We are very supportive of breastfeeding as both Dr. Ware and I are also licensed lactation consultants. Some of my do mom’s choose not to breastfeed and I support their decision if they feel that is best. Every day my parents make many decisions, some of which I agree with and some of which I do not agree with. However, it is my role to provide a medical home and mentorship and not to judge my parents decisions.”

Memphis Children’s Clinic
Locations: 2 in Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, Olive Branch and Southhaven

  • Pretty much any doc at Memphis Children’s Clinic.
  • Memphis Children’s Clinic has some wonderful doctors.
    Dr. Geshke at Memphis Children’s Clinic is great. We delayed vacc’s for my 2 year old and he was awesome!
  • Memphis Children’s Clinic, Bartlett office. My kids saw Dr Baugh there for almost 4 years. We loved him! However, we finally left due to many troubles with the front desk staff and scheduling. We once had a regular check up when the waiting room was full of sick children and not enough seats. I offered to reschedule to dif. day. Front desk threatened they wouldn’t see us for months if we did. So we waited for over 2 hours… Had other similar issues.

Pediatric Consultants
Locations: 3 Memphis, Collierville

  • We got to Dr Ellis at Pediatric Consultants. He is awesome, but he moved out to Collierville. We decided to stick with him when he moved out there (which should say something about how much we love him!), but it is not convenient. We have seen several other docs at his office. They have offices at Lebonheur and by Baptist Women’s. I have friends who go to Dr. Mathis, Dr. Sepulveda, Dr. Frizzell, Dr. Bergeron, and Dr. Pendergrass. It is a great practice–small so lost of personal attention, I’ve always been able to get same day appts if needed (they also have a walk-in clinic M-Sat mornings). Cannot say enough about this practice. Very caring and professional.
  • Pediatric Consultants- Dr Mathis
  • We now go to Pediatric Consultants and LOVE it!!! Dr. Mathis, Dr. Pendergrass, and Dr. Blake Bergeron are all GREAT!! They also have a great Facebook page that is updated daily. I was totally surprised at how different pediatric offices are in this city. Wherever you go, just check each place out for exactly what you need in a doctor.
  • Dr. Folz is wonderful! My daughter is 20 now, but saw Dr. Folz as a tween and loved her.

Harbor of Health*
718 Harbor Bend Road

  • We see Susan Nelson at Harbor of Health. She will recommend vaccines but we feel comfortable with it. She tells us she has to give us the talk and be available for questions, but we do not vaccinate anymore. My son and I were hospitalized on separate occasions from it. I don’t lecture anyone about it. I just don’t want to be treated like an awful parent.
  • Susan Nelson @ Harbor of Health

Memphis Internal Medicine and Pediatrics*
1325 Eastmoreland

  • I would recommend Allison Stiles
  • Allison Stiles is also great.