A mom recently asked for podiatrist recommendations.  Here’s what the moms on the EMM Facebook page had to say:

Podiatry Centers of Memphis
Yates Rd & Bartlett locations

  • Dr Brian Kiel @ Podiatry of Memphis, its on Yates Rd. He did my foot surgery and I really liked him.
  • David Moinester in Bartlett is great!

Advanced Foot & Ankle Care of Memphis
Kirby Parkway

Mid-South Foot & Ankle Specialists
Midtown & Cordova
Drs Julie Kate and Chad Webster!

Associated Foot Surgeons of Memphis

  • Dr. Croft–especially if you are a runner!!
  • Darrell croft, hands down best for athletes

Memphis Foot Care
East Memphis
Dr. Joel Cook

Ognibene Foot Clinic

  • My sister just went to Dr Frank Ognibene, she is very active. She really likes him.
  • dr frank ognibene offices in germantown and on millbranch

Richard Erali in Germantown

Poplar Podiatry
East Memphis
Dr. Shainberg in Memphis