A mom asked for recommendations for rheumatologists. Here’s what the moms had to say:

Rheumatology & Osteoporosis Center

  • Dr. David Boatright in Cordova is kind and extremely smart. He is such a puzzle solver and worked diligently to find a diagnosis and treatment for an autoimmune disease I’d had for 12 years that no one else could figure out. Highly recommend him.
  • I see Dr. Boatright as well. Highly recommend him as well. I also have an auto immune problem he is helping me try to figure out. There are very few rhuematologists in Memphis, I understand.
  • Recommend Dr. Boatright as well. Took about 6 months exactly to get in. Worth it to see a good one instead of one with bad bedside manner.
  • Dr. David Boatright- I see him, too. With all these recs, the wait is bound to be longer…
  • Dr. Boatwright was just okay for me. His office was way to difficult to get an appointment with unless you could wait 4 months out. Nice man but just not convenient or available.
  • Dr. Charles Arkin. He’s thorough and personable.
  • Dr Charles Arkin is wonderful
  • Dr. Hugh Holt 309-5000
  • My husband (physician) says Dr. Boatwright is very thorough but if you can’t wait for him, try Dr. Hugh Holt.

Germantown Internal Medicine
Dr. Sudha Ganguli

  • It takes about 6-7 months to get in with him with a referral, although he is great! Dr. Ganguli in Germantown is also fabulous but has a smaller practice and you might be able to get in within a month or two. Good luck!
  • Dr. Sudha Ganguli in Germantown. She’s the best and has an awesome staff. I have lupus (SLE) and she has been a fabulous patient advocate.
  • Dr Ganguli is really personable, but be prepared to wait for EVER in her office. I stopped seeing her after my Dr’s appts lasted 2 hours plus. She is a VERY nice lady and she really seems to care about you. That is a plus.

Rheumatology + Dermatology Associates, P.C.
East Memphis & Cordova
Cathy Chapman has been great!

Dr. Rizk at UT on Madison