A mom recently asked for recommendations for a surgical oncologists. Here’s what the moms had to say:

We liked Lee Morisy for my husband’s colon surgery.

Dr Michael Neel is an excellent bone cancer and soft tissue cancer specific surgeon if that is the location of the sarcoma. It just depends on the tumor location….Dr Neel does both pediatric and adults and is with OrthoMemphis

The West Clinic 

Dr. Tauer at the West Clinic is great. One of my best friends is being treated by him right for breast cancer. He was recommended by many in the medical community as being top in his field.

Dr Lee Schwartzberg at West Clinic

My mother sees Dr. Tauer at West Clinic and would flat out refuse to see anyone else if it was up to her. She and my dad have been beyond impressed. Dr. Patterson (not sure of his first name) was the surgeon who did her lumpectomy.

Dr. Tauer is a Medical Oncologist (Chemo MD). If this person is looking for a SURGICAL oncologist, there are not many in the Memphis area but the West Clinic would be a good place to get some suggestions. I’m a radiation therapist (work under Radiation Oncologists to deliver radiation therapy to cancer patients). Best of luck.

Call the West Clinic. They do amazing work!

Dr Tauer and Dr Schwartzberg are great but they are not surgical oncologist. What type of cancer? There are several but it depends on the specialty.

UT Medical Group

Dr. Martin Fleming has done several surgeries on my father’s sarcoma and a friend’s melanoma. They both really like him and highly recommend him.

Dr. Martin Fleming is a great surgical oncologist says my husband who is a surgery resident who works with him. He is at UT Medical group. 

Dr. Martin Fleming removed my melanoma 🙂 he’s Awsome !

He removed mine also in June 2011…he is not with Memphis Surgery Assoc still, he is with UT Medical in G’town @ Kimbrough/Wolf River.

I also vote for Fleming. He removed a lymph node at my collar bone – scar is nonexistent! As I recall, his bedside manner was also a little nonexistent, but it doesn’t really matter – he did an amazing job.

Dr. Heck at Campbell Clinic if it is bone/soft tissue related. Good luck!

The location of the sarcoma will determine who you will need, and there are in fact several great surgeons to choose from. Mike Neel is who you want for soft tissue/muscle/bone. Martin Fleming is an amazing surgical oncologist who operates on a variety of tumors. Justin Monroe is a great colorectal surgeon. There are lots of others, just depending on what you need specifically. I know all of these surgeons professionally and would not hesitate to recommend any of them.