One of your jobs as mom is to be the family doctor.  Sometimes this means visiting the doctor, or calling a nurse.  Other times it means a trip to the ER or drop-in care facility.  Injuries and illnesses don’t always happen during the business day!  Here are some spots the moms recommend:

Pulling on your Christmas stocking is a bad idea

Pulling on your Christmas stocking is a bad idea

Le Bonheur Urgent Care
four Memphis-area locations
5-11pm Monday-Friday, noon-9pm weekends

  • Le Bonheur urgent care on Estate, behind Newk’s on Poplar,is good. We have been twice after regular doc office hours and have been seen almost immediately. They are thorough and attentive. This is a kids-only facility, so that is great. And, yes, it is clean.
  • Le Bonehur Urgent Care it is behind Newks. We have been there numerous times. Always, great and quick.
  • I like LeBonheur Urgent Care. I’ve never waited too terribly long and they are always friendly and clean. Baptist Minor Med on Poplar, you just never know what to expect with them. I’ve been and only waited a few minutes….but our recent visit (2 weeks ago), we were there for 4 hours. However, the staff was and has always seemed nice, and it’s clean.
  • I will say lebonheur too. Have been several times and most have Bern very quick. Last night however we were there for 3 hours before being seen. It was ridiculous. I would recommend them though. They may have just been low on staff then. Very clean
  • We’ve had good experiences at the LeBonheur Urgent Care at Poplar and Estate as well.
  • LeBonheur Urgent care. We had to take our then 3 month old, and the folks there were great.

Doctors Express
8am-8pm, 7 days/week
5475 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38119

  • I had a positive experience at Doctors Express on Poplar (near Yates). Once I completed the paperwork, they took me right away. The facility was very clean and the service was friendly and thorough. I went by myself, so I can’t comment on the kid-friendliness.
  • Absolutely LOVE Doctors Express. I HATE going to the doctor for myself or the kids, but I’ll visit them if I have to. Very clean and modern. Little/no wait time. Nice with kids, but I wouldn’t say it’s fun like the pediatrician’s office. Check them out! 

Baptist Minor Medical Center
8am – 7:30pm, 7 days/week
four Memphis-area locations
12 months and older
**they have an iPhone app for pre-registration so you can coordinate your arrival with the availability of a doctor

I have taken my daughter to Baptist Minor Med on Poplar (near Highland.) The wait time is a lot better than the Minor Med in Bartlett. We have gotten out of there in less than an hour. It was very clean and kid-friendly.

The Little Clinic
Inside Poplar Plaza, Bartlett, Cordova and Collierville Krogers

I have used the Kroger Take Care clinic, very quick and I would certainly use them again.

Take Care Clinic
Inside Walgreens

  • We have used the Walgreens Take Care Clinic at Perkins/Poplar for cold/flu or sinus symptoms and always had great experiences. They send your prescription right over to the pharmacy. It’s our go to spot for the basics.
  • I’ve been to the same clinic and had a decent experience. Didn’t need any antibiotics though. Didn’t have more than a 5 min wait and went first thing in the morning. Make an appointment! You can do that online. 
  • I’ve been to the take care clinic at poplar & Perkins twice- I was disappointed each time. Their website said there was only a 30 minute wait. When I got there it was just the person in front on me & myself. The computer doesn’t factor in people that actually make appointments it was a four hour process! Both times I was in need of an antibiotic & ended up having to go to my regular doctor. Both times I left with a hand full of paper & no medicine.

First Choice Care

Methodist Minor Medical & Urgent Care Centers
several Memphis area locations
8am-7pm weekdays, 8am-6pm weekends

  • Methodist urgent care center was great for my daughter (we went to the one on Union. So have friends who used the cordova one). They were kind and helpful and able to get my super shy 3 yo to tell them what was going on with her. It was great to be able to go there instead of having to wait in the ER for hours.
  • Methodist Minor Meds at Hacks Cross and Winchester, Germantown Parkway, or Union Avenue. You can also download an app for your iPhone that shows ED wait times at all Methodist EDs.

Campbell Clinic After Hours
Monday-Thursday 5-8pm, Saturday 8am-11pm

Campbell Clinic has an after hours clinic for all orthopaedic issues (sprains, strains, & breaks) at their Germantown office. I believe this is open M-F 5pm-8pm & Sat 8am-11am. No appointments necessary and great that you can avoid the ER (and all the sickness at the ER) while getting great care.