We have a list of Child Psychologists, but not everyone can afford this expense.  A mom recently asked for recommendations to help a child dealing with the divorce of her parents as well as bullying at school.  As usual, the moms had some great suggestions.

You can contact the Exchange Club Family Center, 2180 Union Ave, 901-276-2200. We are a non-profit and offer a sliding scale fee. We do not accept insurance and cost is very low. We offer a program for children of divorcing parents called Roller Coasters, bullying programs, as well as individual counseling and play therapy for the issues you listed.

Christ Church in Bartlett has a divorce program for children. Maybe start there and see if they could recommend anywhere/anyone.  Divorce Care Talk to the school counselor. He/She may be able to get a support group of her peers together – but should definitely be able to offer her a chance to talk.

Hope Presbyterian offers a Divorce Care for Kids program

Samaritan Counseling Center has a sliding scale approach. Check them out…a great place!

I would contact the Kemmons Wilson Family Center for Good Grief. They offer free bereavement services and could possibly provide the name of a therapist.

The University of Memphis Psychological Services Center provides adult, child and family counseling on a sliding scale.