A mom asked for recommendations for a plastic surgeon.  As always, the moms came through with several recommendations.

Robin Stevenson is great!

Robin Stevenson…and a nice guy to boot!

UT Medical Group

  • I have breast cancer and just started the process of mastectomy and reconstruction, but my plastic surgeon is John Ver Halen at the UT Medical Group. He is very knowledgeable and kind. I have completed my first of 4 surgeries with him and am very satisfied. I have heard a lot of great things about him as well. But he is also very backed up, which to me is a great sign!
  • Dr Wallace! He is chief of UT plastics!
  • Dr. Wallace is an excellent plastic surgeon! He operated on my son when he had a bone tumor on his skull. He covered the scar nicely. Wonderful staff

Dr. George Burruss

The Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis

  • Karen Quigley for breast work!
  • Karen Quigley. She’s the best
  • Dr. Neumon Goshorn, I know 5 people he has worked on all with great results!!