My family was quite spoiled in Charlotte since our chiropractor was also my brother-in-law.  Besides being a talented individual, there is something comforting about trusting your health to a family member.  Since we moved we’ve found it challenging to find that same level of care for our family – the adults and the kids.  My older son has some health challenges that require him to get regular chiropractic care until he’s 18.  You can read more about that here.

My older son getting his first adjustment from his uncle, Dr. Peter Cox of Dynamic Health Center in Charlotte, NC

My older son getting his first adjustment from his uncle,
Dr. Peter Cox of Dynamic Health Center in Charlotte, NC

Here are some local chiropractors recommended by the moms in East Memphis:

Natural Potential Chiropractic
2028 W Poplar, Collierville

  • I love Natural Potential Chiropractic. They are perfect for the whole family and very affordable. However, they are in Collierville. Worth the drive!
  • Natural Potential Chiropractic in Collierville. I know its not East Memphis, but Dr. Lindsey T. Denson Carr is the only certified Pediatric Chiropractor (she also focuses on prenatal) in the area and her husband Dr. Jeff is a specialist in sports and fitness.

Memphis Chiropractic Neurology
1740 N. Germantown Pkwy, Memphis

  • Dr. Bibb was the first chiropractor my family saw when we moved to Memphis.  He moved his practice further East, and we didn’t follow as the location was not ideal.  Three chiropractors later we’re back with Dr. Bibb.  He’s the only chiropractor in town who has actually worked to determine and fix the issues each member of our family has had, instead of just trying to fix the symptoms.  He’s also a dad and is going to school to become an MD.  Highly recommended.
  • Dr. Bibb is the most qualified chiropractor in the Memphis area. He is the only board certified chiropractic neurologist in town and is currently in medical school.
  • Memphis Chiropractic Neurology has a new doctor on the scene. I have seen him with awful pain and he has helped so much. He is younger, but very knowledgeable and he is very kind. He is your guy, especially for children!

Chiropractic Memphis
Downtown, East Memphis, Collierville,
I see Dr Alan at Chiropractic Memphis.  There are several locations but we really like him. his location is out on Winchester.

East Memphis Chiropractic
4968 William Arnold Rd (next to Folk’s Folly)

  • Dr. Allen Goode @ East Memphis Chiropractic! He is the best and perfect location next to Folks Folly
  • Allen Goode by far. East Memphis Chiropractic. Next to Folk’s Folly. He is wonderful!

2879 Poplar Ave, Memphis
Maurice Tucker DC

Total Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center
1069 West Rex Road, Memphis
Total health chiropractic is amazing! We have been going there for years and now my sweet baby girl is getting adjusted.

Dynamic Chiropractic
3886 Winchester Rd, Memphis
Dr. Alan Mori is the bomb!