A mom asked for experiences with the diagnosis and treatment of sensory processing disorder.  If your child is younger than three years old you should start with TEIS – Tennessee Early Intervention Services.  I used them for speech therapy and it was a great experience.  You get services for free (taxpayer funded) regardless of your income level.  You can read about my TEIS experience here.  Here’s what the moms had to say:

Ask you doctor for a referral to UT Behavioral Health. Depending on the age of the child, you can also go through TEIS through the state.

Memphis Neurophysiology

  • Call Dr. Sarah Richie. She is wonderful!
  • I second Sarah Richie. Outstanding eval.
  • Neuro psychology of Memphis is great as far as therapy

Cathy Zinkus, OTR

  • For OT Cathy Zinkus is amazing. My son is 5 with Aspergers with intense sensory issues. Have no experience with Shelby County as of yet. We have done it in our own I make sure we get who and what we want and need. He will be assessed this year for iep for kindergarten next year. Have had outstanding experiences with both of these people.
  • My son saw Cathy Zinkus (OT) at pediatric therapy east.
  • I’ve had the referral for Cathy but forgot last name and what office! Great!

Call Special Kids and Families…683-8787. You’ll want to see an occupational therapist. My son has SPD…proprioceptive disorder. The Out of Sync Child was a really helpful book for me.

If your child is school age, I would see if he/she would qualify for school related OT services. Most pediatric Occupational Therapists are very experienced in this. You can check with private OT/OT clinics to ask for one. My good friend Anne Hurt Zachry is a pediatric OT who is very experienced with this.

As a speech pathology student, I recommend Simple Strokes in Southaven. I’ve sent several kids there

Therapy Hut is awesome

Under 3 start the process with Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS)

If your family lives in Shelby County, your child is 3 or older and qualifies for related services through the school system, I would most likely be the one to do the evaluation :) I work for SCS and I’m SI Certified. Here is a post from my website about sensory processing disorders. Also, I agree with the others….The Out of Sync Child is a wonderful resource!