Not downtown Memphis by any stretch,
but it’s a sunset!

You never know what sort of question is going to pop up on the EMM Facebook page.  A mom recently asked for suggestions on where to watch the sunset downtown.  What a great question – I love sunsets!  Here are the spots the moms recommend:
Court Ave Bridge!!!

Court Ave Bridge lights up and is really cool. It’s right next to the law school. Trolley’s pass underneath and there is a park right next to it. It’s very cool.

Mud Island

Roof of Madison Hotel

go to the top of the Madison Hotel .. no other buildings to block the view. Small bar and bathroom.

Madison hotel is the best or Peabody rooftop!

the roof top at River Inn on Harbor Town is nice.

Martyr Park by Channel 3 and the Church of the River

The park on the river at harbor town

River Walk