Breakfast can be a fun meal to eat out, especially if you’re a kid and can eat something covered in whipped cream without worrying if you’ll fit into your jeans the next day.  A dad recently asked for recommendations of family-friendly places to eat breakfast.  We have a brunch list and a dinner list, so here comes the breakfast list….

A decadent looking breakfast at Brother Juniper’s

Brother Juniper’s, of course!

Brother Juniper’s… if you can get in!

Brother Junipers has the best breakfast in Memphis hands down. Call ahead and they will put you on the waitlist!

I second, third, fourth, and fifth, brothers junipers

Brother Juniper’s or Barksdale.

We like Perkins’ pancakes and IHOP.

Even if you’re slumming, avoid Perkins at Park & White Station. Not one but two roaches crawled across my table the last time I was there. And that still is the last time I was there.

Pancake Shop on Summer

Bryant’s Breakfast at Summer and Graham. But I believe they are cash only!

Bryant’s is fantastic, but usually packed! It’s a little drive, but Big League in Southaven has great breakfast!!!

Another vote for Bryant’s on summer ave! But go EARLY! Especially if you go on a weekend.

Cafe Eclectic off McLean!

The Arcade on S Main

Arcade and then ride the river trolley loop. It’s only a $1 for adults. Picks up right by there. Stop at the Farmer’s Market too. All three make for an awesome morning. Also Cafe Eclectic (owner is awesome), Blue Plate (the one downtown is far less crowded) and Trolley Stop. Brother Junipers and Bryant’s and the Poplar Blue Plate are all great but prepare properly to wait.

Trolley Stop Market is our FAVORITE! Not crowded for breakfast and very family friendly!

My son’s fav is the arcade

Blue plate on poplar and Bryant’s on summer. And Gibsons Donuts on mendelhall.

Blue plate cafe on poplar old fashioned home cooked meals. And cracker barrel…..they serve breakfast all day. Love their pecan waffles.

Blue Plate. Share food b/c it’s plenty!

Cracker Barrel, IHOP, Perkins, Waffle House

Barksdale’s in midtown.

As someone relatively new to Memphis who went to Barksdale’s today for brunch, I would disagree with the rave reviews. I love hole in the wall places, put I think this one is benefiting from a longstanding reputation/nostalgia that it is no longer earning. It is sub-mediocre these days.

Bob’s Barksdale– looks like a dive but great food! Good prices. It is on the corner of Cooper and courtland just past the light of Peabody & Cooper on the left. It is a wonderful Midtown restaurant. We’ve been going there for 15 years! You can get breakfast food or lunch but they close at 2 or 3pm I think.

Barksdale’s is great! Breakfast food is better than lunch food there!

City East at poplar/Kirby has the best bagels and a great breakfast menu.

Stone Soup in midtown – worth the drive.

Barksdales or The ArcadeBryant’s is usually too packed for a family to navigate. Cafe Eclectic is also very kid-friendly.

The Bistro in Booksellers is pretty decent!

We are fans of the West Street Diner in Germantown.

West St. Diner 🙂

Three little pigs on quince!

Did anyone say Republic Coffee?

Brother Juniper’s, Three Little Pigs, Stone Soup Cafe.