Some outings are not what I’d call “babysitter worthy.”  You need some time where your kids are entertained, but not for too long.  Enough time to have an adult conversation, get some work done, enjoy a book, or just stare at the wall and enjoy a little down time.  There are a few options in town for places where you can get a bite to eat and your kids can do kid stuff in nearby.  Here are the places the moms recommend:

Chick-fil-A play area

Separate, sound proofed play area for young kids

Take a Break Cafe & Coffee Shop
Supervised play area in a separate room, involves an extra fee, suitable for babies and toddlers

Joe’s Crab Shack

Kid’s Play
Opening this fall, indoor play place with cafe, per child fee

Stevi B’s
arcade and video games

playroom for kids in the back corner

Back Yard Burgers
Houston Levee Rd, Collierville location has  a play area

Cat House Cafe
Memphis Zoo
Sit by the windows and enjoy the monkeys, or sit outside and enjoy the playground.  Not totally fenced in outside, so this is best for kids who don’t wander and who are old enough to play on playground equipment without you standing next to them.  Zoo admission fee.