A mom asked for recommendations for a painter to take care of some interior rooms.  Then another mom needed exterior painting done along with wood replacement.  Several moms chimed in….scroll down for exterior painter recommendations (many do interior as well).

Do NOT hire these two clowns to paint!

Interior Painters:

  • I’ve got Scott Rix in my house right now. Usually I do the interior painting but this room had stripes and the thought of the prep work made me ill. He’s mudding the seams between the stripes and using water to smooth them out – so no sanding dust! Nice guy. Does other work too 327-4695
  • Got a good one, Id Farog – 901 643-3422
  • Aaron Lucius…he did out interior and exterior. 238-1663
  • Handyman Connection 901-405-3150
  • Glynn Wright 378 9755
  • Home Works. Donny Venters 901-239-6933
  • Presidential 258-2684      

Exterior painting and/or rotten wood replacement:

  • Olde Town Interior/Exterior Painting & Repair, Richard Vanover (901) 569-4259. Just had our home painted and lots of rotten wood replaced. Did a fantastic job. Very meticulous and takes pride in his work. Found him from Angie’s List and had received great reviews from other customers.
  • Memphis Woodwork  – This is my husbands company and his does AWESOME rotten wood replacement!
  • Carlos Zacher 238-7401 [email protected]ast.net  Just painted our exterior and did a fantastic job.
  • We have pictures of exteriors on our website. Call Rob Guess 901-553-1434 Guess Builders
  • Roger Keune …amazing differences. 596-9086 he specializes in this! (rotted wood replacement)
  • Perez Projects, used him twice and happy with the work. Wife is Kathryn Ikle who went to Hutchison with my sister, she does beautiful furniture customization!
  • Mitch Zaretsky at Certa Pro (384-7020). We just had our house painted and also had lots of rotten wood, and the house now feels and looks fresh and new! His crew was prompt and professional, and his price was very reasonable. Highly recommend him!
  • Brush & Roll Painting – If you want the best quality work, attention to details, and the best price in town, check us out!!!
  • My husband is a very experienced and talented freelance carpenter. He also does some painting (indoors or out) and installs window film (not on cars). No company or contractor overhead through us. Give him a call. Matthew Dickerson 731-439-0922. We can send references and pics of previous work if needed.
  • We used Matthew Dickerson and he did an amazing job building a new room in our house and his bid was super competitive. We would use him again in a heartbeat!
  • TEQUILAS PAINTERS 643 7397 great company 12yrs experience tile work painting carpentry etc.