Roofs and gutters – not the most exciting home improvement projects, but both very necessary. Rain happens.  If you find yourself in need of these things here are some businesses to consider – mom recommended!


Rob Jolly, definitely! 901-737-9377

Perez Projects Great service and competitive pricing. Luis Perez owns it and he’s super nice.

Chris Fiedler!!

Medford Roofing & Construction…they were awesome.

Swift Treadwell Roofing

QE Roofing

  • Oh my goodness. Just had the best experience with QE Roofing. A+ with BBB and specializes in insurance claims although ours wasn’t. We got a 50 year roof. They were first class the entire way.
  • QE roofing/restoration. Wonderful. Nick 674.0348

Superior Roofing

  • Sanford Shefsky at Superior Roofing! They are great!
  • Sanford Shefsky at Superior Roofing!
  • Sanford Shefsky with Superior Roofing of Memphis.
  • I was going to say Sanford Shefsky at Superior too.

We used The Roof Dudes .. I know I know the name is silly lol … But they gave us the best quote and did a great job – fast and efficient

Fiveash Roofing! Exceptional and A+ BBB rating

Lucius Roofing Co

JUST had a beautiful new roof put on by Southland Roofing! they are awesome…and live & work in E mem! call david at 734-7839….I highly recommend!!

Rodney Henke 901-826-8370

Jason Rhea 901-210-6307

The Roof MD does roofs and gutters. 9018271663


Check out our list of handymen for gutter repairs

Jason Hunt did mine and he does all work around my house. He does excellent work with great pricing. He will give free estimates on ALL his work. 601-672-7479. He lives in Memphis.

We’ve used Bartlett Gutters and they were great. They did do a free estimate.