Here are the agents and organizations the moms recommend for auto and home owners insurance.  It’s a long list – lots of great options!

Reg Sharley – State Farm

  • We love State Farm. Since we have had it my father in law and my mother have switched to it because they like it so much! Reg Sharley is our agent.
  • Reg Sharley State Farm
  • USAA if she can qualify. If her mom or dad was in the military she should be. Reg Sharley with State Farm is a super nice guy.
  • We recently switched to Reg Sharley at State Farm also. We’re saving a lot of money.

State Farm Agent Steve Womack my wonderful husband! Check him out!

We use Rob Burger at Farm Bureau 755-6670. He’s a great friend!

Boyle Insurance Agency, we have wonderful agents here, specifically Tim Treadwell or Robert Roll. 901-766-0200.

Joe Booth with Nationwide. He’s been our family agent for years and years. Always gets me the lowest rates and always there when I need him. 901-753-9960

Kathy Thurmond Edwards – State Farm

  • Kathy Thurmond-Edwards State Farm is the best. She is located right off of Poplar on Brookhaven
  • Kathy Thurmond-Edwards has been our agent for years.
  • That Kathy Thurmond Edwards sent insurance advertisements to my 3 year old. Her office specifically bought his information from someone and became sending him numerous envelopes trying to get his business. A 3 year old. They laughed when I called their office upset that they were buying my toddler’s information.
  • Kathy Thurmond Edwards with State Farm….. 901-767-7744….. We have been with them almost ten years, we have auto, home and life insurance with them. We have had stolen vehicle claims, totaled vehicle claims, vandelism, crazy chaotic claims….. and every single one was handled professionally and quickly. It makes a difference when you have to actually use your insurance and you call the office, they are genuinely concerned about you and the outcome…….. Great people…..
  • I’ve used State Farm – Kathy Thurmind Edwards for 16 years now.
  • State Farm Kathy Thurmond-Edwards. Awesome Agent

Tony McGehee State Farm

Mike Fay with state farm

State farm Melvin Johnson

Charles Giordano w/ state farm in c’ville. our car was broken into right before we left to go out of the country. he had it fixed and back in our garage by the time we got back. that’s service!!!

Esurance for auto

Progressive had the BEST customer service when I had them.

Mike Morat Memphis

Shelter Insurance

  • Sandra Hahs at Shelter Insurance
  • Joan Witte Shelter Insurance Collierville. She gets us the best deals and always goes the extra mile

Peterson Linder

  • Heath Peterson at Peterson Linder insurance in Bartlett. He is awesome, saved us a bunch on our homeowners…and rates did not increase at renewal!
  • I also suggest Heath Peterson

Kathryn Cook with Farmers…she is in east memphis and is great!

As a former insurance agent, before children, I can say that when you deal with an independent agent over a direct writer you get the best of both worlds. Impeccable Coverage that meets the needs of your family, multiple companies to quote with and 24 hour customer & claim service. Smith-Berclair insurance has been in business for decades. Edie Heffernan, who yes happens to be my sister, but also knows the business inside & out, as we had our own agency for 20+ years before joining Smith-Berclair. She has a great team of CSR’s, Edie can be reached directly at 507-2371.

Brooks McDonald with Nationwide.

Jeff Hatcher with Jack Garland and Associates. He is an independent broker that can write through many different companies finding the best rates for you personal needs. 901-756-9140

Poole Insurance Agency in Collierville, TN….they are awesome….got a fantastic deal on home,auto & business…901-457-4750 Jason Poole

Mike Heffernan @ Allstate he always did me right for almost 20 years