We recently had two requests for car repair recommendations on the EMM Facebook page. As usual, the moms had a lot of recommendations.  Scroll down for windshield repair recommendations.

Christian Brothers Automotive

  • We use Christian Brothers Automotive (on winchester) Never had any issues with them.
  • The best (most honest) place I’ve dealt with here in town is Christian Brothers Automotive on Houston Levee. They actually turned down my brake job when I thought I needed it! (I just had a lot of brake dust) Honest!

Memphis Auto Repair
Memphis auto repair on summer avenue, they are honest, and even for the most serious issues, only kept my car a few days.

Ron Archer’s Auto Care

  • Ron Archer on Quince, by the Three Little Pigs, is wonderful. We took our car to them after getting a ridiculous quote from Firestone and they had the car for 24 hours and fixed it for about half what Firestone would have charged us.
  • Ron Archer at Quince and White Station. Honest and quick! We never have any doubts when we go there.

Hondahaven of Bartlett
Hondahaven of Bartlett Inc. is great-we use them all the time-very trustworthy and friendly! Doesn’t have to be a Honda either 🙂

Holley’s Automotive
Holley’s Automotive White Station almost to Summer. We’ve used them for three years and four cars, great people!!

Auto Care Center
George at Auto Care Center in Bartlett. He is very good, honest, reasonable pricing and great with kids! My son asks when we are going to see Mr. George 🙂 377-1008

Arlington Automotive
The mechanics at Arlington Automotive are GREAT! Our entire family uses them for all kinds of cars and trucks.

Whitworth Brothers Automotive

  • Whitworth Brothers Automotive in Cordova. THE BEST!
  • Withworth Brothers Automotive. Period. They are the nicest, most polite, hard-working family ever and, oh yeah, they are experts. We’ve been going to them for 25 years. Cordova, on Big Orange.

Barton’s Car Care
Barton’s in Midtown!!

Midtown Service and Tire
Midtown auto service…. 276 8700. Specialty is import vehicles. The owner used to be mechanic at bluff city land rover( worst service ever!) The first time I went to MAS I came to the owner with a problem that I thought needed to be fixed…. He could have made $600 to 800 right then and there but he told me it was a normal sound for my vehicle and I could have the repair done but I would still hear the noise. Wow!!! Talk about trustworthy. We have been doing business ever since and I trust them implicitly

Gateway Tire & Service Center
Pretty much any Gateway Tire & Service Center. I’ve dealt with them throughout the years I’ve lived in Memphis and have NEVER had any complaints!

Holt Tire and Battery
Holt tire and battery. Been doing business with them for years. If they can fix it they will send you to another local family shop. Good people. Matties is great too. 

Right Tire (NAPA Auto Center)
Right Tire at Summer and Highland is the best that I’ve found in 30 years of using mechanics. 

Windshield Repair 

First two tips:
If you call your auto insurance, they will usually tell you who they use in the area, and that company, more often than not, will offer a discount to you for mentioning your insurance carrier! We did this when we needed a windshield repair and we have Geico.

AAA sent over someone. I forget what company, but he did a great job. AAA probably has good recommendations if you call them. 

Auto Mobile Glass 
in Oakland–but they’ll travel. They came downtown for me. They were the cheapest by $50 in my 6 estimates.

Safelite Auto Glass

  • Safelite pays your deductible, is usually zero out of pocket. Did a great job for me on fusing a chipped windshield. Would use them again. 
  • I just used safelite it was about $20 more for him to come to my house vs going to the shop. I thought $130 for a chip was a lot though, but the technician was very nice.
  • Geico uses Safelite, and as Robin mentioned, they did a great job for us as well. Very accommodating.
  • Used safelite three times and they are awesome.

Fulton’s Window Tint
If you had your glass tinted and need the new glass tinted to match please call Wyatt Christian @ Fulton’s Window Tint he’s cheapest prices around with free lifetime warranty and he will come to you ( if you have a garage) 901-491-1981