Sometimes your stuff looks old and worn…but it just needs some TLC and it will be as good as new!  I have two couches in my house that are as old as me but certainly don’t look it since they were recovered by my sister-in-law (sorry, she’s not here in Memphis).  Here are some places the moms recommend.

Couches are a great place for a nap

Couches are a great place for a nap


Broom Corn Fabrics 
They did beautiful work for my mom. I re-did our dining room chairs myself, and it really wasn’t that hard, and much cheaper.

Raleigh Upholstery

Maurice’s Upholstry
He will pick up and deliver with reasonable prices. 901-452-0898


Memphis mom Sarah Beth Cohen
Check out my page to see a few of the other pieces I’ve done. Give me a call on my cell 727.804.7597 (I’m local, but have an out-of-state cell number) 

The Furniture Medic

  • I’ve used the furniture medic previously and was very pleased.  
  • Furniture Medic has several franchises in our area and do great work.

George Gallimore
George Gallimore in East Memphis. He does wonderful work. He beautifully repaired 5 antique chairs for me. He works out of his house and it has been a couple of years, so he may not be doing it any more, but it’s worth a try. His number is 682-6114 

Bobby Graham
Bobby Graham does great work and very reasonable, lots of designers use him. He picks up and delivers 662-429-0843 

Soule Furniture Restoration
I used Soule once to refinish an old secretary and they did a great job.