My fireman and police man are cute,
but won’t be helpful in an emergency!

Since I came home from the grocery store last week to find a man stealing stuff out of my carport, I decided it was time to talk with the moms about home security systems.  Their recommendations are below.  And as an update…I went downtown last week to file a police report and picked the “bad man” (what my three year old calls him) out from a photo line up.  Who knows, maybe the police will even recover some of my stuff.

Frase Protection

  • We use Frase Protection, a local company, and have been very happy!
  • Frase. They are local so have relationships w our local depts. Best customer service I have ever encountered! 
  • Frase!!!! They are great! 
  • FRASE! They protect most of the million dollar plus homes in Memphis. They are very good. Might be a tad more expensive than the others.
  • We are also very happy with Frase. They’re a great Memphis based company.

Protection Unlimited

  • We use protection unlimited. A local company as well. Very quick response after a couple of false alarms, due to operator error. 
  • Protection Unlimited great response time local company.
  • We love protection unlimited

Ellendale Electric

  • Ellendale Electric- small, customized, and reliable.
  • we also use ellendale… call back w/in seconds!!!
  • Ellendale is fabulous!

Interface Security
We’ve liked Interface Security. Contact Trish 901-324-1187. We’ve used them for 2 houses over 8 years.   

Banks Electric
Banks Electric – they’ve monitored our house, etc. and many others on our street for 6 years. 853-4920 

We really vivint! Their customer service and response time is awesome!  

LOVE Monitronics! Cheap and very responsive and timely. 

Community Security
Use community security! They are socially responsible so a portion of your monthly fee goes to the charity of your choice. 

Mid-South Security Group
Please contact my brother, Morse Rose, of Mid-South Security Group in Cordova. They are a family run business. He worked for Frase and also Ulhorn for years, and has an excellent product. 


And one company the moms do NOT recommend

  • not  adt
  • I CAN NOT recommend ADT. They claim that they are quick to respond because they are nationwide, however a lot can happen in 5, 7, 12 minutes!!!