I know a working mom who once got house cleaning services as a Christmas gift from her in-laws.  She was soooo happy.  She said it was the best gift she has ever received.  Lots of moms love help with house cleaning, especially if they are juggling motherhood and a career.  Here are some companies the moms of East Memphis recommend, and scroll down for carpet cleaning recommendations.

Housekeepers & Laundry Services

Magic Broom
wonderful!! and fast

Two Chicks & A Broom

  • Last time they sent one guy & a vacuum, but the house was spotless!
  • they use natural cleaning products

My Housekeeper

  • licensed and insured, about to be bonded. Janie is the owner, has one employee
  • awesome and they offer a environmentally friendly cleaning which is hard to find in this city.
  • an excellent company. I’ve used them for two years and love them!

Pristine Clean
they do basic housekeeping and organization/decluttering too. I found them on Angie’s List and LOVE THEM

They are amazing and extremely reasonable. I have enjoyed because it is a service and not an individual, if you are displeased at anytime she (Angie the owner) fixes the problem immediately. Very happy with this company.

Heavenly Sunshine
a little pricey for use on a regular basis, but great for a one time clean in a pinch or before a special occasion.

The Handy Lady

Laundry Services & Dry Cleaners

The Clothesline
laundry service with pick-up and delivery

The Laundry Fairy
East Memphis
laundry service with pick-up and delivery

Fox Meadow Cleaners
Dry cleaner with delivery/pick-up
Great driver – Mario. Call 270-5326 to setup. They have a price sheet.

Germantown Cleaners

  • Germantown cleaners! Switched from Bensinger’s after years…shirts started to go missing and bill was outrageous.
  • I use Germantown cleaners off of Sanderlin. They aren’t cheap, but they get ALL sorts of stains (paint, marker, glue, mud) out of my daughter’s smocked dresses. Bensingers never paid attention to any stains the clothes might have. Great for men’s shirts though. So I switched.

Bensingers Fine Cleaners

  • Prices are about the same I have found. We use Bensingers.
  • We love Besingers

Crazy Cleanerz
Cordova, pick-up and delivery

Grahamwood Cleaners
On Graham just south of Summer.  Nicest people there – owner and the employees.  They have a drive-through window.

Carpet Cleaners

I highly recommend Roto Clean

The cheapest place we have found is Mr. Klean. We get almost our whole house cleaned for only about $50-$60!

Call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone at 624-9200. They are a local ServiceMaster Clean franchise and do excellent work. Please make sure you read reviews and processes. Some steam cleaning will void the warranty on your carpet. Cornerstone cleans your carpets then uses a hot water extraction.

Troy Cline

  • I love Troy Cline. He’s honest and dependable. His cell is 848-1460
  • Troy Cline is the best carpet cleaner. So honest and dependable and does a great job.
    Cell is 848-1460

Kleen Dry
901-258-1385 locally owned!

truly amazing!

America’s Best Carpet
They just did my spring cleaning and did a great job. America’s Best Carpet and Tile clean most of the people who live on my street and always will. CarpetCleaningMemphis.com or 619-5333

Stanley Steamer

Dr. Mac Carpet Cleaning
I have had him do my carpets several times. He is very friendly and always willing to work me in. Great prices too!

Area Rug Cleaners

J. Remmers Quality Rug Cleaners

  • I use Joey Remmers on Minor street by University of Memphis for my oriental and wool rugs. They are extremely reasonable and do amazing work. My family is in the oriental rug business. My house is full of rugs and with kids and four cats, let’s just say I use them often pick up and drop off.
  • I would recommend Fred Remmers. I have had rugs cleaned there and they do a wonderful job. If you drop off and pick up the rug it is cheaper than if they have to get it from your house.