Getting a new furnace is an adventure when you’re little

A mom needed referrals for an HVAC company, STAT!  As a homeowner this is certainly one of the vendors you might need to call for an emergency visit.  So if you need repairs, a new system or just maintenance here are some companies the moms recommend:

We have done business with several and ultimately signed up for a yearly maintenance service with Chickasaw.

Greenway Services

Greenway Home-very fast

Kevin Lawson 901-494-8398 Affordable n knows his stuff.
Riverside Heat & Air are fantastic. They did great work and seemed the most affordable to me.

Second Riverside

Third for riverside. Shawn Patton!

Cedrick Woods 244-9094 great work and very affordable

Automatic Heating & Air. They don’t try to rip you off and they do good work.

Rob Guess 553-1434

Precision Heating and Cooling

A J Heating and Air lives near your area 9013098000

John Augustine had us fixed up with a new motor for our heater just 2 weeks ago in less than 12 hours!! Highly recommend:) (901) 848-7664

Just had Conway come out today, gave me pricing on a whole new system because of a whole in our heating element, not to mention a few other things that needed immediate attention totaling $2,200, or $6,000 for the whole system. Had Joe Jefferson, my parents HVAC guy come out for a 2nd opinion and found no issues at all. None. No hole anywhere. I understand, don’t like, but know that companies exaggerate, BUT to tell me there was a whole that you could stick your finger in when there was none to be found!?! I just suggest 2nd opinions or using someone that you know. Side note: we didn’t call Joe first because I was under the assumption that warranties only came with big name companies and when we sell our house I want to be able to use that. Once I got the quote, my Dad explained that the warranty comes with the equipment itself.

Choate’s HVAC