I went to put some bread in our garage refrigerator this afternoon and was greeted with a puddle.  My big kid likes to use it as a science lab (crushed chalk mixed with water and frozen, bird bath ice, etc.) and one of his “experiments” had melted, leaving me with a mess of water and leaves I still need to clean up.

So it was time to do some shopping!  I asked the moms where to get something “ugly and cheap” (their suggestions are below) and based on that we opted to try the Park Road Siano Appliance, which is an outlet center.  My 3 year old decided we should buy a Darth Vader refrigerator.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any of those, but we did get a stainless steal Haier (with no dents) for only $399.  That was $50 less than any other refrigerator in the store.

I love getting a good deal, and with two young kids I’m all about getting something someone else has already broken in whenever possible.  Who wants to pay full price for something and then watch it get dirty, scratched, worn, torn and generally abused by your kids?  So annoying.

Here are some other places to check out if you’re in the market for a good deal on a new or used appliance:

Siano Appliance

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Please check out Oasis of Hope!! Channel 3 news highlighted the non-profit ministry of Oasis Appliance and its value in providing both work to those in North Memphis, offering pre-owned appliances and more for a great price, and bringing economic revitalization to a neighborhood in need! Large selection and great prices!!