Summer is coming. Besides oppressive heat that also means mosquitoes. My little kid especially seems to be a mosquito magnet, and he’s oblivious to them until it’s too late. I recently asked the moms if the monthly spray services were worth the price. Here’s what they had to say:

Being outside should be fun, even if you like to dress in silly socks

Being outside should be fun, even
if you like to dress in silly socks

The Mosquito Authority
Over the past 2 years, I have tried a DIY spray from Lowes’s or Home Depot, BuzzFree, Mosquito Joe, and Mosquito Authority. Mosquito Authority is by far the best. They offer discounts if you pay multiple months upfront. They come back for a free re-spray whenever you are still having problems. Mosquito Joe worked okay the one time we used them, but it was the most expensive of the three. The cost of BuzzFree was comparable to Mosquito Authority, but they refused to come re-spray if we still had problems. They would only respray if there were still mosquitoes 3-5 days after the scheduled spray. If there were mosquitoes 2 weeks after the scheduled spray, they would claim it was just time for another spray and they would charge for it. They did actually give me one free one, but it didn’t sound like that was their normal practice. Mosquito Authority does not charge for any sprays between the scheduled sprays of 3 weeks. They are awesome!

Buzz Free

  • Love Buzz Free! Love it! Couldn’t step outside before we had it! The stuff they use is deemed OK for organic gardens. Worth every penny!
  • Ditto buzzfree!! We have a pool and didn’t want to be eaten alive! It works!
  • Buzz free mosquito is the best money spent!!! Worth every penny


  • yes, they are worth it.. we use orkin… you do not have to sign a long time plan, they will just do as many months as you would like
  • yes, to Orkin! Makes a big difference
  • Orkin and totally worth every penny!!!

Forehand Services
Brian Forehand 901-216-5090

Mosquito Commander

Kee Pest Control

Mosquito Joe of East Memphis

All-State Pest and Lawn
We use All State Pest Control. They spray monthly March-Oct. it hasn’t eliminated them100%, but did make a huge improvement.

Jamison Pest & Lawn
they are the best!!

Do It Yourself Sprays

  • Last year I used a spray from Home Depot made by Cutter. It attaches to your garden hose and 2 bottles covered both front & back lawns. It lasted about 6-8 weeks. Worth the $12 for each application, which I did twice.
  • We used a spray from home depot every 2-3 weeks. We used one that was ‘natural’ and kid / pet safe. Worked well and I am a mosquito magnet!

Alternative Solutions

  • I’m attacked every year! I’m going to try a few pinterest ideas. 1) Bounce dryer sheet in back pocket 2) Original Listerine in spray bottle, spray every where, grass, etc. I have not tried either yet but I’m praying it will help me this summer
  • A bat house helps a lot
  • I’m getting some eucalyptus plants, hoping it works. My backyard is a mosquito haven
  • If you already have an irrigation system, you can add-on a cedar oil spray. It’s natural, as in no pesticides, and repels mosquitoes as well as other critters. It’s a healthier alternative to buzz off or similar sprays.