The older I get the more stuff I have.  Moving is a great way to force yourself to get rid of stuff.  When we lived in Little Rock we left a bunch of stuff in boxes, since we knew our rental situation was temporary.  23 months later we moved to Memphis, and I wondered if I actually needed all that stuff I never unpacked!

A sea of packing paper is fun if you're a kid

A sea of packing paper is fun
if you’re a kid

If you’re overwhelmed with stuff it might be time to call in a professional.  Here are some the moms recommend:

Kelly Klean Memphis
She was awesome for helping with some much needed organization.

Pardue Organizing Solutions

  • I second Cheryl Pardue. I used her…she’s a miracle worker!
  • Having known her for nearly 30 years, I cans say personally and professionally she does all things with excellence and runs her business with integrity. She is a certified personal organizer and does more than organize, she teaches

WrightEdge Solutions
Sandy Wright with Wright Solutions. She has been featured on a “Hoarders” episode. 755-1917

86 Clutter
Definitely 86clutter! Check them out here on facebook! Michelle and Renata are professional, dependable and reasonable!