Lots of very tall trees in East Memphis!  We had ours taken care of a few months after we moved in as branches were dropping and we started getting concerned about one hitting a car or a person.  Yikes.  We had a lot of trimming done, and a row of trees removed.  They had been strangled by some wisteria and we were trying to decide if they would grow back or if it was a lost cause.  It was good to get opinions from different companies…and the price quotes varied as well.

My son got to honk the truck horn

We ended up going with Ecklund’s Tree Service as they had the best price and we liked what they had to say overall.  They did a good job, cleaned up well and even let me boys check out their trucks.  Here are the companies the moms recommend:Red’s Tree Service

JJ’s Tree Service. I can vouch for him on MANY different levels. Great guy, and does great work!

Harrison Tree service 331-0597… Mitch Harrison, awesome!!

Woodland Tree

We used Woodland Tree and were very pleased. Most economical of the quotes we got as well as being professional.

They’re cute at Woodland, too.

Woodland–Terran is da man!

Woodland for sure!

LawnGevity, Inc.

Lawngevity landscape and tree service. 238-7883. THE BEST!

Lawngevity does great tree work. They took down a 90 year old tree in my neighbors yard in a day! She said it was the cheapest quote she got. I would give them a call to get a quote at least.

Lawngevity offers discounts and specials all the time. Excellent work!

Without a doubt….Lawngevity! You won’t be disappointed!

For the stump removal, call Steve Lane with Stumpy Stump Removal Service 901-581-7543.

I had a limb fall on Thursday and had Anchor, LLC remove it. They charged $100 to take care of the limb with an extra $50 if I wanted them to take it all away. They give free estimates too. Very good experience. (901)568-2524.

Ground Masters

Jeff Cochran, with Arbor MD. 901-604-0179.

Dr Ugly Tree Service  I’ve used them several times they are fast and good prices

Urban Forestry. Ask for Wes