Most readers know I didn’t grow up here in Memphis.  Long-time readers may know my husband and I grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Charlotte, NC in 1996 as a young, childless couple seeking the simpler living and milder weather of the South.  We moved to Memphis in 2010 with our sons.  One was (almost) two and the other was 6 1/2.  I started this website six months later for two reasons: I was frustrated that a resource like this didn’t exist and I wanted something that would force me to embrace and explore my new home.

In our yard, fall 2010

In our yard, fall 2010

That was four years ago, and we’ve had a fantastic time here in Memphis.  My husband was recently approached about a job in Dallas, and after much deliberation we determined that accepting this new job in a new city was the best choice for our family.  He resigned from his job here in Memphis about two weeks ago, last week we traveled to Dallas with the kids to buy a house, and now our beautiful Memphis home is for sale.

East Memphis Moms is not going anywhere, but my family is moving to Dallas this summer.

It’s very difficult to leave Memphis as we’ve had such great experiences here, met wonderful people, have the kids in a great school, really enjoy the “small city” feel of Memphis and love our house (in fact, we were in the middle of a home renovation when he got the offer).  But we’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided it’s best for our family to move.  We were not looking to leave Memphis.

Our crazy family photo from Christmas 2013

East Memphis Moms will remain open.  In fact, I doubt you’ll notice much of a change in the site since I get most of my information these days via the Internet.  Obviously I won’t be in town to cover new attractions and new places of interest to families.  I’ve had several friends offer to help, and plan to utilize them, as well as all of you, to continue to provide content that is fresh and relevant. I may also come back once or twice a year to see friends and stay up-to-date on what’s new (my 10 year old loves this idea).

I appreciate the support and encouragement from all of you as I make this huge change in my personal life.   I look forward to continuing to help area moms discover what a great place the East Memphis area is to raise a family.   I have lived in three southern cities with kids and each has had it’s good parts and bad parts – it’s what you make of it – and that’s what I will continue to emphasize on this site.