A mom asked for dog groomer recommendations.  We have to take care of our 4-legged children too!  Here’s what the moms had to say:

Photo from Brown Dog Lodge (I don't have a dog!)

Photo from Brown Dog Lodge
(I don’t have a dog!)

Brown Dog Lodge
they are wonderful!

Memphis Animal Clinic
I love Betsy at Memphis Animal Clinic. She is a kind lady to my shy dog and knows what to do with her fur even though she is a mutt.

Pleasant View Pet Resort
We use the kennel that we take our dog to–Pleasant View Pet Resort. I just have to drop him off before 9 and pick up by 5.

Greene Animal Hospital

  • Ike Mason at Greene Animal Hospital–by University of Memphis.
  • ike at greene.animal clinic. he is.so great

Aussie Pet Mobile
mobile pet grooming

I take my three dogs to Ashton at Petsmart on Poplar and 240 near Target. They groom dogs 7 days a week. I have been very pleased with the results! They offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Also, they are very strict that all shots must be up to date.

Pet Set

Pet Styles Grooming Salon

Angela McConnell
Not sure what her business name is but she is a mobile groomer…901-258-7111

Goin’ To The Dogs
a mobile groomer. Call Sarah at 491-3976