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Here are Montessori schools recommended by the East Memphis Moms:

My sons Montessori public school (magnet)
classroom in Charlotte, NC

Barbara K. Lipman School
3771 Poplar Avenue
ages 2 – Kindergarten 

  • My daughter has been at the Barbara K. Lipman School for 4 years and is completing Kindergarten this year. I have three sons who have attended other preschools, and this has been our best experience. Each classroom has a Master’s level teacher and two graduate assistants from the U of Memphis. Art teacher is phenomenal. Wonderful, loving environment with excellent academics. My daughter has been in the Reggio Emilia program and I would highly recommend it.
  • My son has been in the Reggio program at the Barbara K. Lipman school at the U of M for two years. He’ll continue kindergarten there before we’ll sadly have to leave. We love the program and faculty there. My daughter we’ll start in their two year old program there as well. As for the Natural Learning school, I’ve heard both good things as well as not so great things about it. But I’ve never toured it so can’t give firsthand accounts. 
  • I recommend the Barbara K. Lipman School at the U of M. Highest standards of learning and social development. Also have a Multi-age Montessori classroom, if that interests you. First come first serve, unlike most schools, so get on the waiting list very early. Siblings do carry priority.

Threshhold Montessori School
575 Ellsworth St.
18 months – 5 years

We love Threshold. The environment is diverse and supportive and my daughter can read, write, add, subtract, name seven continents and deliver a short bio of George Washington Carver before her fifth birthday. Many of the teachers have kids or grand kids who either go to school there or do after school care so there is a lot of love in the program.

Olivia’s Montessori Preschool 
2755 Appling Rd.
starting at age 3 (as of 10/1) 

  • We have had an amazing experience at Olivia’s Montessori Preschool in the Bartlett area. It is an AMA accredited school and my daughters are thriving in the environment. Not only has this been an incredible academic fit, but the Montessori method places a heavy emphasis on cooperative learning / social skills and altruism. Gross Motor development / learnig through play is also a priority and the children spend at least an hour each day playing outside on the large, wooded playground.

St. Michael Catholic School
3880 Forest Ave
ages 3-5
St. Michael School has a wonderful Montessori program with dedicated, caring teachers who also teach Spanish.

Lamplighter Montessori School
8563 Fay Rd, Cordova
age 2 1/2 through 8th grade

Natural Learning School
1992 Nelson Avenue
infant/toddler through elementary
My daughter goes to the preschool of the Natural Learning School in the Midtown Area. They are not affiliated with a church or religion. They have two houses that house the toddler and preschool and another location with an elementary school. My daughter has been going for two years now and loves it. She walks around bear footed in a house that’s like her own. They use natural materials for most of their activities. They do lots of art, crafts, building, reading, dance, music, pretend play, school tript and much more at the preschool.  teachers are wonderful. They are very warm and loving. Its a wonderful place to bring your child. He/she will have lots of fun. 

Evergreen Montessori
751 North Trezevant
14 months – 12 years

Maria Montessori School
740 Harbor Bend Road
18 months – middle school

Montessori Children’s House
498 Jason Dr
dual-language (Spanish) program for ages 3-6

First Class Montessori
Midtown & Cordova
age 2 – 3rd grade