Before I became a mom I thought about homeschooling, thinking it would be a good alternative to private school if I were unhappy with the public school options.  Then I had a child. Wow. Hats off to all of the homeschooling families out there. I don’t think I could do it!

If you’re considering a homeschool education I encourage you to join one of these groups to learn more.  I’ve always know homeschooling families to be very open to sharing information and wanting to support other families in their education decisions. And check out Homeschool Roster, a local homeschooling blog with events and more.

Homeschoolers of Memphis eclectic logo

Homeschoolers of Memphis eclectic logo

Here are some local groups and activities available to homeschooling families.  Please add your reviews and additional information via a comment.

Support Groups and Classes 

A group offering classes for homeschoolers in grades 1-12. There are fees for classes and supplies

Homeschoolers of Memphis eclectic
No fee to join, members plan activities and share their expertise. A secular group.

Memphis-Area Home Education Association (MAHEA)
A Christian organization that organizes events and sports, lobbies the state legislature and a monthly newsletter. $35/year (per family)

Ebony Homeschoolers
A Christian group providing information and encouragement to the African American homeschooling community. MAHEA membership required.

Latino Memphis Homeschool
Support and activities for bilingual homeschool families.

Blessed Sacrament Homeschool Group
A Catholic group supporting the greater Memphis area.

Classical Conversations
Group classes held at various area churches

Veritas Classical Schools
A Christian organization providing classes and supplies.

Tennessee Virtual Academy
An online public school authorized by the Union County School District.  Students can take one or two classes while continuing to go to a traditional “brick-and-mortar” school or an entire curriculum.

In The Loop
A Memphis homeschool support group focused on general support of the homeschooling family – not specific to any religion or race.

Renewed Moms Ministry
Enrichment classes and bible study

Homeschool Mom’s Network
Bartlett Baptist Church
Networking meeting and potluck mom’s dinner on the 4th Monday of every month at 6:30pm

Charlotte Mason Memphis
A Facebook group for those using Charlotte Mason in Memphis can share ideas and experiences. This group is only open to families in the West Tennessee, Northern Mississippi area.

Bartlett Wolfchase Homeschool Support Group
a Christian support group open to anyone who is currently homeschooling grades Kindergarten and up.

Memphis Area Homeschool Buzz
A Facebook group. Posts include: home school team tryouts, sports offerings, support group information, home school days at local venues, curriculum questions, curriculum for sale…and more.

Area Homeschooler Activities

Various area museums have planned activities specifically for homeschoolers. Here are some, check the Stuff to Do page for a more complete list of area museums and more: